The Microform Collection at Butler Library

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Approximately one million items including newspapers, academic journals, popular magazines, doctoral dissertations, monographs and monographic series are available. Other libraries on campus have collections of microforms related to the subject speciality of the library.

Search CLIO to determine the call number of the microform and where it is located. Some materials acquired prior to 1981 can be found only through the Card Catalog in Rm. 310.

In many cases, you must use an index to determine specific reel or holdings information.  Indexes are shelved in PMRR.

PMRR Staff assistance is available in 401 Butler Library at all times to answer questions related to access and retrieval of particular reels. Librarians at Butler Reference (Rm. 301) can help with further questions related to the card catalog, indexes or databases related to microforms.

Microform titles not available at Columbia University can be requested through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

Below is a list of titles on film available for self-service use.

Check CLIO for holdings information.




A.M. Journal

  FN 1696

Afro-American Planet (Richmond)

  FN 2251


  FN 905

The Alternative

  FN 824


  FN 837

American Cinematographer

  FN 973

American Film

  FN 2186

American Historical Review

  FN 709

American Imago

  FN 867

American Journal of Philology

  FN 850

American Journal of Psychiatry

  FN 2065

American Legion Magazine

  FN 975

American Mercury

  FN 559

American Neptune

  FN 852

American Periodical Series.  APS I *

  F 99

American Periodical Series.  APS II *

  FN 8

American Periodical Series.  APS III *

  FN 486

   * Please Consult the Index for These Call Numbers for Holdings Information


American Poetry Review

  FN 825

American Political Science Assoc. Proceedings

  FN 571

American Schools of Oriental Research Newsletter

  FN 765

American Sociological Review

  FN 696

American Spectator

  FN 1565

American Studies

  FN 832

American Studies Bibliography

  FX 3 220

American West

  FN 786

American Zionist

  FN 821


  FN 835

Amsterdam News (New York, NY)

  FN 503

Annals of the Amer. Acad. of Political & Social Science

  FN 747

Annals of Congress 

  FN 561

Antioch Review

  FN 853


  FN 979


  FN 1002

Arizona and the West

  FN 779

Arizona Quarterly

  FN 831

Armed Forces Journal International (current volumes)

  FN 983

Armed Forces Journal International (old volumes)

  FN 716

Armenian Genocide in the U.S. Archives, 1915 – 1918

  FX 3 4623

Armenian Review

  FN 1086


  FN 764

Atlanta Constitution

  FN 138

Atlanta Daily World

  FN 2247

Atlantic Monthly

  FN 7

Birmingham World

  FN 2248

Birzhevyia Viedomosti

  FN 130

Black Academy Review

  FN 776

Black Books Bulletin

  FN 834

Black Scholars

  FN 634

Black Theatre

  FN 836

Black World

  FN 774

British Journal of Aesthetics

  FN 985

Bucknell Review

  FN 2093

CEA Critic

  FN 778

Canadian Forum

  FX 3 770

Carolina Times (Durham)

  FN 2250

Charleston Mercury

  FN 252

Chicago Crusader

  FN 2452

Chicago Tribune

  FN 35

Christian Science Monitor

  FN 31

Chronicle of Higher Education

  FN 613


  FN 2442

City Directories of the U.S. through 1860

  FX 3 1043

City Record

  FN 1871

Civil War Reconstruction Series

  FN 486

Columbia Spectator

  FN 458

Columbia University Quarterly

  FN 2639

College English

  FN 778


  FN 989


  FN 374


  FN 921

Concerning Poetry

  FN 2040


  FN 2024

Contemporary Literature

  FN 763

Corrier Della Sera

  FN 369


  FN 424


  FN 903

Current History

  FN 869

D.H. Lawrence Review

  FN 2424


  FN 2111

Daily Herald (London)

  FN 241

Dance Magazine

  FN 917

Dance News

  FN 784

Denver Post

  FN 257

Denver Quarterly

  FN 1569


  FN 1078

Dissertation Abstracts International*

  FX 3 1350

Dissertation Abstracts International*

  FX 3 3154

   * Please Consult the Index for These Call Numbers for Holdings Information


Dissertation Abstracts Internat'l B. Sci. & Engineering

  FN 2192

Early American Imprints. Evans Numbers*

  FX 3 1350 

Early American Imprints. Shaw Shoemaker Numbers*

  FX 3 3395

   * Please Consult the Index for These Call Numbers for Holdings Information


Early British Periodicals

  FN 2495

Early English Books   1474 – 1640*


   * Please Consult the Index for These Call Numbers for Holdings Information



  FN 1038


  FN 3750

English Literary History (ELH)

  FN 1184

English Studies In Africa

  FN 785


  FN 773


  FN 974


  FN 759

Essex Institute Historical Collections

  FN 521

L’ Express

  FN 172

Federalist Paper

  FN 3055

Film Comment

  FN 598

Film Daily Yearbook

  FN 1313

Film Quarterly

  FN 862


  FN 596

Georgia Historical Quarterly

  FN 788

German Drama on Microcards

  FX 3 200

Georgia Review

  FN 911

Graduate Woman

  FN 1068

Guardian Weekly

  FN 442

Harper’s Magazine

  FN 988

Harper’s Weekly

  FN 1840

Hemingway Review

  FN 2422


  FN 866

Historical Journal

  FN 1091

Historical Methods Newsletter

  FN 761

History and Theory

  FN 522

History of Religions

  FN 851

History of Women

  FN 3043

History News

  FN 1082

History Today

  FN 868


  FN 906

Huntington Library Quarterly

  FN 865

Illinois State Historical Society Journal

  FN 780

The Independent

  FN 794


  FN 2370


  FN 30

Jamaica Journal

  FN 3066

Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

  FN 910

Journal of African History

  FN 651

Journal of American History

  FN 668

Journal of American Folklore

  FN 1857

Journal of Interdisciplinary History

  FN 1676

Journal of Negro History

  FN 562

Journal of Popular Film

  FN 2144

Journal of Social History

  FN 644

Journal of Southern History

  FN 692

Journal of the American Society for Physical Research

  FN 987

Journal of the History of Ideas

  FN 1695

Journal of the Southwest

  FN 2365

Jump Cut

  FN 3058

Kansas History (old issues)

  FN 2085

Kansas History (current issues)

  FN 792

Labor History

  FN 2091

Leeds Mercury

  FN 275

Les Lettres Francaise

  FN 171

Liberation (Paris)

  FN 250

Life (older issues: 1940-1958)

  FN 873

Life (current issues) 

  FN 2015

Literature and Psychology

  FN 798

Literature/Film Quarterly

  FN 2053

Literaturnaia Gazeta (Moscow)

  FN 114

London Evening Post

  FN 268

London Review of Books

  FN 2048


  FN 124

London Tribune

  FN 240


  FN 1677

Los Angeles Times

  FN 23

Louisiana Studies

  FN 789


  FN 782

Manchester Guardian

  FN 90

Melanges Greco Romaine

  FN 2730

Michigan History

  FN 775

Michigan Quarterly Review

  FN 669

Middle East Journal

  FN 447


  FN 766

Milwaukee Journal

  FN 256

Modern Austrian Literature

  FN 1505

Modern Drama

  FN 2103


  FN 652

Modern Language Quarterly

  FN 2115

Morning Chronicle (London)

  FN 368

Mother Jones

  FN 1240


  FN 1163


  FN 1092

Muslim Journal

  FN 1696

NLL Translations Bulletin

  FN 2381

The Nation

  FN 9

National and Proceeding: Nat'l Ed. Assoc. of the U.S.

  FN 3059

Le National

  FN 251

National Geographic

  FN 2368

National Journal

  FN 2090

National Review

  FN 840

Natural Education Association

  FN 3059

Nebraska History

  FN 817

Neue Freie Press (Austria, Vienna)

  FN 292

New Leader

  FN 396

New Literary History

  FN 2106

New Mexico Historical Review

  FN 816

New Orleans Times Picayune

  FN 202

New Republic

  FN 10

New Review

  FN 833

New Statesman

  FN 1087

New Statesman and Society

  FN 2449

New York

  FN 762

New York Folklore

  FN 981

New York Evening Post

  FN 360

New York Herald

  FN 204

New York Herald Tribune

  FN 40

New York Journal-American

  FN 37

New York Post

  FN 360

New York Review of Books

  FN 186

New York Times

  FN 41

New York Times Index

  FN 42

New York Times Index

  FX 3 5629

New York Tribune

  FN 309

New York Tribune Index

  FN 43

New York World

  FN 308

New York World Telegram

  FN 39

New York World Telegram and the Sun

  FN 39

New Yorker

  FN 320


  FN 11

Newsletter: American School of Oriental Research

  FN 3072

North American Review

  FN 919

North Carolina Historical Review

  FN 839

North Dakota History

  FN 904

Notes and Queries

  FN 212

Le Nouvel Observateur

  FN 299

Observer (London)

  FN 242

Oakland Post

  FN 2249

Off Our Backs

  FN 2382

Ohio History

  FN 838

Osservatore Romano

  FN 3089


  FN 1068

Pacific Historical Review

  FN 806

Palmer’s Index to the London Times

  FN 100

Parliamentary Papers (Great Britain)

  FX 3 863

Past and Present

  FN 1189

Pamphlets in American History 

  FX 3 1048

Pamphlets in American History

  FX 3 1047

Pamphlets in American History

  FX 3 1048

Pittsburg Courier

  FN 32


  FN 531


  FN 1186

Le Populaire de Paris

  FN 135


  FN 29

Proceedings of the American Historical Association

  FN 2510

Public Opinion Quarterly

  FN 476

Publisher Weekly

  FN 3050

Quarterly Review of Film Studies

  FN 2089

La Quinzaine

  FN 2371

Reader’s Digest

  FN 1685

Review of Metaphysics

  FN 870

Review of Reviews

  FN 1065

Revue African

  FN 585

Richmond Dispatch

  FN 255

The Richmond Enquirer

  FN 200

Rolling Stone

  FN 713

Romance Notes

  FN 2095

Russian History and Culture

  FX 3 544

St. Louis Post Dispatch

  FN 36

San Francisco Chronicle

  FN 191


  FN 1036

Saturday Evening Post

  FN 607

Saturday Night

  FN 1057

Saturday Review

  FN 395

Science and Society

  FN 2097

Seventeenth-Century News

  FN 807


  FN 1128

Sierra Club Bulletin

  FN 809

Site Selection and Industrial Development

  FN 2497

Sixteenth Century Journal

  FX 3 506


  FN 864

South Atlantic Quarterly

  FN 1064

Southern Studies

  FN 990

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

  FN 815

Spare Rib

  FN 2457

Der Spiegel

  FN 1398

Sports Illustrated

  FN 790

Studies in Short Fiction

  FN 1579


  FN 3052

The Sun (New York, NY)

  FN 310

Sunday Times (London)

  FN 290


  FN 55

Le Temps

  FN 119

Thoreau Society Bulletin

  FN 871

Three Centuries of French Drama

  FX 3 199


  FN 407

The Times (London)

  FN 124

Times Literary Supplement

  FN 55

Tribune (London)

  FN 240

US News and World Report

  FN 402

Underground Newspaper Collection

  FN 445

United Negro College Fund Archives

  FX 3 1251

Utne Reader

  FN 2494

Vanity Fair

  FN 2052

Victorian Newsletter

  FN 673

Village Voice

  FN 457

Virginia Cavalcade

  FN 822

Virginia Magazine of History and Biography

  FN 793

Walt Whitman Review

  FN 805

Washington Post

  FN 137

Western American Literature

  FN 745

Western Humanities Review

  FN 830

Who’s Who in the Orient

  FN 3067

Wisconsin Magazine of History

  FN 808

Women’s Review of Books

  FN 2323

Women’s Journal

  FN 3060

Wordsworth Circle

  FN 2423

World Journal Tribune

  FN 217