Milstein Collection Call Number Guide

The Philip L. Milstein Family College Library is an interdisciplinary undergraduate collection housed in Butler's undergraduate reading rooms. If you have any difficulties locating books within this collection, ask at the Butler Circulation Desk on the 3rd floor

2nd Floor

Location Call Number Room Number
Milstein A - BL 202
Milstein BM - DJK 209
Milstein DK - DT 958
Milstein DT 962 - E 748.M 
(210 Mezzanine)
Milstein Oversize 209
Milstein Study 209

3rd Floor

Location Call Number Room Number
Milstein E 748.N - GV
Milstein H - HF 1418
Milstein HF 1419 - HZ 3M04
(303A Mezzanine)
Butler Reference Dictionaries

R A - R Z

Butler Reserves and Media Collection N/A
Across from Butler 301

4th Floor

Location Call Number Room Number
Milstein J - ZA
Milstein FLI Partnership Library 406A
Milstein Comics Collection 
Milstein Comics Collection

How to find a book

Use CLIO to search the item by author, title, subject, etc. The CLIO location will display as MILSTEIN (BUTLER LIBRARY). Check the Milstein shelving guide to find the specific reading room where this call number item is located.

Circulation policies

Milstein books may be borrowed for semester loan. For more information see  borrowing privileges.

Items may be checked out at either the Butler Circulation Desk (3rd floor). They may be renewed online. Please return or renew items promptly to avoid fines and fees.

Milstein books may be returned to the Circulation Desk (3rd floor). When the library is closed, please return books to the outdoor book bins.

What to do if a book is not on the shelf

If a book you are searching for is not on its expected location on the shelf, and is not checked out, you may request a search for the book at the Circulation Desk (3rd floor). Please be sure to have the book's author, title, and call number.

If all copies of the book are checked out, you may request a copy through Borrow Direct.