Virtual New Book Shelf Creation


1. From the Columbia Libraries homepage, change the dropdown menu from Quicksearch to New Arrivals.

2. To see all new arrivals within the Libraries, leave the search box blank, and click the Magnifying Glass search icon. To see new arrivals on a specific topic, type in pertinent keywords and then click the Magnifying Glass.

3. Use the “Refine” options in the left column to narrow your search to Avery Library (Avery, Fine Arts, Ware).

4. Use the “Refine” options in the left column to narrow your search by time.

  • Limit your search by Acquisition Date by clicking on one of the choices: Within 1 week, Within 1 month, Within 6 months, Within 1 year.
  • You can also limit your search by publication date range.

5. Use the “Refine in the left column to further narrow your search by other parameters such as format, language, subject, and call number.


Interested in seeing one of the new books labeled “In Shelf Preparation”? You can have the book Rush processed by going to the Request menu, located in the bar above the entry, and clicking on the selection “In Process / On Order.”


Customized RSS Feed for New CLIO Titles:

If you’d like to know when the library adds new titles in your area of interest and you don’t want to repeat your search, create a customized RSS feed.

Signup for a RSS feed reader such as Feed Reader or Feedly if you don’t already have one. There are many of RSS readers available for free. Your specific search will be saved and as new CLIO entries arrive that fill the criteria of your search, results will be sent to your RSS feed.

Step-by-step instructions are outlined in the blog post Create a Customized RSS Feed of New CLIO Titles.