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This helpful discovery tool allows patrons to keyword search across archival collections held at D&A and other Columbia University archival repositories. Additionally, the portal allows patrons to browse collections by creator, title, and subject.


Use the Columbia University’s Libraries Online Catalog (CLIO) to find collection-level and project-level records for D&A holdings. For tips on finding archival material through CLIO see the Archives and Manuscript Help Page.


Finding aids are collection guides, descriptive documents created by archivists that detail a collection’s arrangement and contents. Some collections have only a paper finding aid that can be consulted in the D&A reading room.


Information on certain individual drawings or items in D&A’s holdings, or some small groups of material for which there is no major collection, can be found on traditional library cards. This card catalog can be consulted in the D&A reading room or on Avery’s 200-level.


Portions of collections may be available as they are processed. Please email Drawings & Archives for information about their status and availability.



Aalto, Alvar, 1898-1976. (Alvar Aalto/IIE Kaufmann Conference Center)

Abbott, Merkt & Company.

Abramovitz, Max, 1908-2004.

Abrams, Ruth, 1912-1986.

  • Access: In process

Adams and Prentice.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Adams & Woodbridge.

AIA National Housing Committee, David F.M. Todd papers on.

Aldrich, Chester Holmes, 1871-1940.

Almirall, Raymond F.

Allen & Collens.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Andrew Alpern Collection of Drawing Instruments.

Ant Farm.

  • See Lord, Chip

Alpern, Andrew / HOLDOUTS! Reference Files

Amemya, Yosei.

  • Access: Card catalog

American, English, and European architecture study prints.

Andrews, Alfred J.

Andrews, Wayne.

Architects' Emergency Committee, Great Georgian Houses.

Arnaud, Leopold, 1895-1984.

Arnold, C. D. (Charles Dudley)

Atterbury, Grosvenor, 1869-1956.

Atterbury, Grosvenor, 1869-1956. Keyser House Correspondence.

Augenfeld, Felix, 1893-1984.

Avery, Henry Ogden, 1852-1890.

Avery Library. Centennial Drawings Archive.

Avery Library. Miscellaneous collection.

  • Access: Archival card catalog


Bach, Richard Franz, 1887-1968.

Bacon, Francis Henry, 1856-1940.

Bacon, Henry, 1866-1924.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Bailey and Bassett.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Ballard, William.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Barber, Donn, 1871-1925.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Barry, Charles, 1795-1860.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Behrendt, Walter Curt, 1884-1945.

Benco Company Collection.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Benjamin, Park, 1849-1922.

Bien, Robert L. Study photographs.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Bien, Sylvan & Robert L.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Blake, Peter, 1920-2006.

Bloch & Hesse.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Bloodgood & Bloodgood.

  • Access: In process

Bluemner, Oscar, 1867-1938.

Boak & Raad

Annice Alt research material on Boak & Paris / Boak & Raad

Boell, Alfred.

Bollack, Françoise Astorg.

Bond, J. Max, Jr.

Boring, William Alciphron, 1859-1937.

Born, Ernest, 1898-1992.

Bottomley, William L., 1883-1951.

Breines, Simon.

Brennan and Sloan.

Brendel, Otto, 1901-1973.

Bryant & Gilman.

Bucholtz, Jeffrey, 1957-1990.

Bunshaft, Gordon, 1909-1990.

Burnham, Alan, 1913-1984.

Butler, Lawrence.

Byrne, Francis Barry, 1883-1967.


Cady, Josiah Cleveland, 1837-1919.

Cain, Walker O., 1915-1993.

Candela, Félix, 1910-1997.


Carrère & Hastings. (John M. Carrère and Thomas Hastings)

Casey, Edward Pearce, 1864-1940.

Catherwood, Frederick.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Cautley, Marjorie Sewell.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Cavaglieri, Giorgio, 1911-2007.

Centennial Photographic Co.

Chambers, William, Sir, 1723-1796.

Chandler, Charles Frederick, 1836-1920.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Checkman, Louis, 1914-2004.

Chermayeff, Serge, 1900-1996.

China Study Group on Environmental Issues.

Church of St. Vincent Ferrer. (Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue)

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

City Construction Co.

  • Access: CLIO; In process

Coalition for a Livable West Side (NYC).

  • Access: In process

Coalition to Save City & Suburban Housing (NYC).

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Cobb, Henry Ives, 1859-1931.

Codman, Ogden, 1863-1951.

Coles, Kenneth.

Collins, George Rosenborough, 1917-1993.

Colquhoun, Alan, 1921-2013

Columbia University, Architectural Drawings.

Columbia University, Dept. of Facilities.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper inventories of this material by accession number.

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. Centennial (1881-1991) Archive.

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. General Records.

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. Historic Preservation, Documentation I Class Research.

  • Access: CLIO; In process

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. Student Drawings.

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. Urban Design Program.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation. Wednesday Lectures Series.

  • Access: Paper finding aid in chronological order

Committee for the Preservation of the National Capitol.

Comper, John Ninian, Sir, 1864-1960.

Conklin & Rossant.

Conrad, Theodore, 1910-1994.

Convent of the Sacred Heart / C. P. H. Gilbert ; Warren & Wetmore

Corbett, Harvey Wiley, 1873-1949.

Le Corbusier, 1887-1965.

Cornelius, Charles Over, 1890-1937.

Cox, Kenyon, 1856-1919.

  • Access: CLIO; Item-level finding aid

Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson.

Cret, Paul Philippe, 1876-1945.

Croff, G. B. (Gilbert Bostwick)

Cserna, George.


Daggett, L. Jeannette.

Daly, César, 1811-1893.

Dana, Richard H. (Henry), 1879-1933.

Darden, Douglas, b. 1951.

David, Ismar.

Davis, Alexander Jackson, 1803-1892.

De Ris, George.

Delano & Aldrich.

Delano, William Adams, 1874-1960.

Delehanty, Bradley.

DeLemos & Cordes.

Detwiller, C. H. (C. H. Detwiller Columbia 1885 Collection)

Dewey (F.H.) & Co.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Dieterlen, Charles.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Dinsmoor, William Bell, b. 1886.

Doman, James R., Jr., 1937-2012.

Dorsett, Clyde H.

Douglass, Lathrop.

Drawings for Womens Hospital.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Dudley, Henry, b. 1812.

  • Access: In process

Duncan, John H. (John Hemingway), 1855-1929.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Seymour B. Durst Old York Library / Photograph and Lithograph Collection

Seymour B. Durst Old York Library / Theatre Programs

Durst Organization / Estate Files

Access: CLIO and Finding Aid


Eidlitz, Leopold, 1823-1908.

Empire State Building archive.

Embury, Aymar, 1880-1966.

Emslie, Olive.

Evans, Moore & Woodbridge.

Eyre, Wilson, 1858-1944.


Feder, Abe, 1909-1997.

Feiss, Carl, 1907-1997.

Fellheimer & Wagner.

Felt, James, 1903-1971.

Ferri, Roger C., 1948-1992.

  • Access: In process.

Ferriss, Hugh, 1889-1962.

Firestein, Cecily Barth.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Fischer, Sigurd, 1887-1981.

Fisher, Ernest M. / Institute for Urban Land Use and Housing Studies.

  • Access: CLIO; Electronic inventory.

Fitch, James Marston.

Flagg, Ernest, 1857-1947.

Flanagan, Albert E., 1884-1969.

Ford, Butler & Oliver.

Foster, Willliam.

  • Access: In process

Fowler, Edward.

  • Access: In process

Freedlander, Joseph H.

Adriana Kleiman Research Papers on Frank Freeman.

Frost, Frederick G., 1876-1966
Frederick G. Frost, Jr., 1907-1991
Frost & Associates.


Gehron, William, 1887-1958.

Geller, Abraham W., 1912-1995.

Gendell, David S., 1839-1925.

Gilbert, Cass, 1859-1934.

Gilbert, C. P. H. (Charles Pierrepont H.), 1861-1952.

Ginsbern, Horace.

Goodhue, Bertram Grosvenor, 1869-1924.

Goodman, Percival, 1904?-1989.

Goodman, Percival, 1904?-1989. / Rothschild Residence

Gordon, Max, 1931-1990.

Gottlieb, Ferdinand.

Gottscho, Samuel H., (Samuel Herman), 1875-1971.

Greene & Greene.

Gribben, William Matthew.

Grierson, Peter C. (1864-1949)

Griffin, Walter Burley, 1876-1937.
Griffin, Marion Mahony, 1871-1962.

Grossi, Olindo.

Guastavino Fireproof Construction Company/George Collins.
Guastavino, Rafael, 1842-1908.

Guastavino, Rafael, 1872-1950.

Gugler, Eric, 1889-1974.

Guimard, Hector, 1867-1942.

Gupte, G.S.

Gutheim, Frederick, 1908-1993.

Gutman, Robert, 1926-2007.

Gvosdeff, Nicholas.

  • Access: In process


Haight, Charles Coolidge, 1841-1917.

Haines Lundberg Waehle.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Halle, Roger.

Halpern, John, b. 1918.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Hamlin, A. D. F. (Alfred Dwight Foster), 1855-1926.

Hamlin, Talbot, 1889-1958.

Hand, Charles.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Harriman, Charles Alonzo, d. 1930.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Harris, Cyril M., b. 1917.

Harrison, Henry G.

  • Access: CLIO; Archival card catalog

Harrison, Wallace K. (Wallace Kirkman), 1895-1981.

Haskell, Douglas Putnam, 1899-1979.

Haus Cramer. (Muthesius, Hermann, 1861-1927)

Herdeg, Klaus.

Hermann, Horst.

Herts & Tallant (firm).

  • Access: Paper finding aid

High Lawn Estate (Delano & Aldrich / John C. Greenleaf)

Hindley, William J., 1899-1979.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Hine, Lewis Wickes, 1874-1940.

Hitchcock, Henry Russell, 1903-1987.

Holden, Arthur Cort, b. 1890.

Hood, Raymond Mathewson, 1881-1934.

Hoppin & Koen.

Horch, Louis L. and Nettie S.

Hornbostel, Henry, 1867-1961.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Howard & Frenaye.

  • Access: In process

Howe, George, 1886-1955.

Howells and Stokes.

Howells, John Mead.

Howells, William W.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Hutton, Addison, 1834-1916.


Index of American Design.

  • Access: Paper finding aid


Jacobs, Harry Allan.

Jacobs, Robert Allan.

Jaffe, Norman.

Jennings, Arthur Bates, 1849-1927.

Johansen, John MacLane, b. 1916.

Johnson, Philip, 1906-2005.

Johnson, Thomas Robert.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Joint Advisory Committee on Planning and Development of the United Nations Headquarters.

Josselyn, Edgar Alonzo (1861-1943) / Society of Beaux-Arts Architects

Junior League of the City of New York.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid.


Kahn & Jacobs.

Kahn, Ely Jacques, 1884-1972.  

Kaufmann, Edgar J. 1885-1955.

The Keppel Collection of Prints.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Keppel-Nanteuil. (Seventeenth century engravings by Robert Nanteuil, presented by Mrs. Frederick Paul Keppel)

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Kidder Smith, George Everard.

Kimball, Francis H. / Kimball & Wisedell. Casino Theatre, New York, N.Y.

Klaber, Eugene H. (Klaber & Grunsfeld)

Kley, Maurice.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Kliment Halsband Architects.

Kobbe, Herman, b. 1884.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Kochan, Irene.

Konopka, Joseph.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Krieg, Frederick.


La Farge, John, 1835-1910.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Lafever, Minard.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Lafreri’s Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae.

  • Access: Paper finding aid ; Individual prints and sets of prints are described in CLIO and may be found by searching "Lafréry, Antoine, 1512-1577" as the author

Lahey, George.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Lamb, Charles Rollinson, 1860-1942.

Lamb, Thos W. (Thomas White), 1871-1942.

Landau, Sarah Bradford, 1935-

Langmann, Otto.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Lapidus, Morris, 1902-2001.

Lawrie, Lee.


  • Access: In process

Legacies of a Radical Era Exhibition.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Lenygon, Francis Henry, 1877-1943.
Lenygon, Jeannette Becker, 1878-1977.

Lescaze, William, 1896-1969.

Lessman, Jac, 1904-1990.

Levi, Julian Clarence, 1874-1971.

Levy, Joseph.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Library buildings collection.

Lienau, Detlef.

  • Access: CLIO; paper finding aid

Lincoln Square Community Council.

  • Access: CLIO; in process.

Lincoln Square Urban Renewal Project photographs.

  • Access: CLIO; in process.

Lippmann, Herbert.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Litchfield, Electus D. (Electus Darwin), 1872-1952.

Loeffler, Jane C., 1947-

Londino Stone Company.

  • Access: CLIO; In process

Long, Birch Burdette.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Lord, Chip.

Love, Paul.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Lowell, Guy, 1870-1927. / Natirar Estate

Luetke, Oscar, 1852-1937.


McClure, Joan, 1914-2005.

MacKenzie, James C. (James Cameron), 1887-1963.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

McKim, Mead & White.

McNamara, John J., d. 1988.

Magonigle, Harold Van Buren, 1867-1935.

Major, Howard, 1882-1974.

Mako, Laura.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Manhattan Railway Company.

Marcuse, Peter, b. 1928.

Masbach Hardware Store (New York, NY).

  • Access: In process

Matsui, Yasuo, d. 1956.

Matthews, Brander, 1852-1929 / Brander Matthews Dramatic Museum.

Mayer, Albert, b. 1897.

  • Access: CLIO; Archival card catalog

Mayers, Murray & Phillip.

Meigs, Montogmery C., 1816-1892.

Merrill, Leslie O. (Collection of Greek Revival in Syracuse)

Middleton, Robin, b. 1931.

Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig, 1886-1969.

Miller, William B.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Minton, Henry Anthony.

Molitor, Joseph W., 1907-1996.

Montgomery, Max A.

Morgan Family.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Morgan, Keith N.

Morris, Alletta Nathalie Lorillard Bailey, 1887-1935.

Morris, Benjamin W. (Benjamin Wistar), 1870-1944.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Moskovitz, Benjamin.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Muller, Theodor

  • Access: In process

Murphy, Mortimer J.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Murray, J. M.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Muschenheim, William, 1902-1990.

Muthesius, Hermann, 1861-1927.


Nauheim, Melville.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Nazeing Park. (William Palmer, d. 1821)

  • Access: CLIO; Archival card catalog

Nelson, Paul C., 1895-1979.

Neumann, Alfred, 1900-1968.

Neutra, Richard Joseph, 1892-1970.

Neutra, Richard Joseph. (Jan de Graaff Residence)

Neutra, Richard Joseph. (Edgar J. Kaufmann Desert House)

  • Access: In process

New York Architectural Terra-Cotta Company. (NYATCC)

New York Chamber of Commerce Building, 65 Liberty Street, NYC.

New York State Capitol at Albany.

Newman, Oscar, 1935-2004.

Nielsen, W. C.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Nineteenth-Century International Photographs, circa 1870-1900.


Office of the Avery Librarian, Elmslie and Purcell Correspondence.

Olanoff, Gerald B., d. 1995.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Oppenheimer, Herbert B. (Brand).


Page, William E.

  • Access: Paper finding aid


  • Access: Archival card catalog

Paris, William Franklin.
Paris & Wiley.

  • Access: In process

Parks Council (New York, N.Y.)

Patterson, Lydia, d. 2002.

Pedersen, William F., 1908-1990.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Peisch, Mark L.

Pepper, Eleanor, 1904-1997.

Pfeiffer, Carl, 1834-1888.

  • Access: In process

Pippin, Paul W. T.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Placzek, Adolf K.

  • Access: In process

Platt, Charles Adams, 1861-1933.

Platt, Charles Adams, 1861-1933. / Gwinn Estate

Platt, William, 1897-1984.
Platt, Geoffrey, 1905-1985.

Platt, Wyckoff & Coles

Plunz, Richard.

Pokorny, Jan Hird.

Pollard, Calvin, 1797-1850.

Pope, John Russell, 1874-1937.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Pottle, Jock.

Price, Chester Boyce, 1885-1962.

  • Access: CLIO; Archival card catalog

Price, Chester Boyce, 1885-1962.

  • Access: CLIO; Archival card catalog

Proskauer, Henry G., 1915-2006.



Rabineau, Eli, 1914-1991.

Rambusch Company.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid in process

Reed, Henry Hope.

Renwick, James, 1792-1863.
Renwick, James, 1818-1895.

Selma Rattner Research Papers on James Renwick.

Resnick, Aaron.

Riemer, Hebert W., 1927-2009.

Rogers, James Gamble.

Rose Associates, Inc.

Rosenberg, Louis.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Rossant, James S., b. 1928.

Roth, Emery, 1871-1948.

Emery Roth & Sons.

Christopher Gray Research Materials on Emery Roth/Emery Roth & Sons.

Rothstein, Arthur, 1915-1985.

Rouse & Goldstone.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid for archival material

Rudolph, Paul, 1918-1997.

Russell, James S.

Russell, William Hamilton, 1854-1907.


Saarinen, Eero. Student drawings, Yale University.

Saarinen, Eero / Eero Saarinen and Associates. Trans World Airlines Unit Terminal Building, New York International Airport.

Sandlass, Henry L.

  • Access: Finding aid

Sawyer, Philip, 1868-1949.

  • Access: CLIO; Archival card catalog

Schindler, Rudolph M., 1887-1953.

Schladermundt, Hermann T.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Schmidt, Mott B., 1889-1977.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid


  • Access: Archival card catalog

Schneider, Karl, 1892-1977.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Schreier, Curtis.


  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Shannon, Palmer.

Shreve, Lamb & Harmon.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. Lever House.

Skidmore, S. T.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Smith, G. E. Kidder (George Everard Kidder), 1913-1997.

Smith, Lucian E., 1877-1969.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Sobotka, Walter, 1889-1972.

Sole, George.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Snow, Richard.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Spanish Children's Drawings of the Civil War.

Steese, Edward, 1902-1981.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Stern, Robert A. M., b. 1939.

Stevens, John Calvin, 1856-1940.

Stickley, Gustav, 1858-1942. (The Craftsman Architects, NYC)

Stokes, Isaac Newton Phelps, 1867-1944. (Howells and Stokes)

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Stoughton, Charles W., 1871-1945.

  • Access: CLIO; Archival card catalog

Sturgis, Russell, 1836-1909.

Sullivan, Louis, 1856-1924.

Sutcliffe, Arthur T.


Tachau, William Gabriel.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Tafel, Edgar, 1919-2005.

Teall, Gardner C. / Whistleriana

Team X.

Thomson, T. Kennard, 1864-1952.

Thompson, Martin E., 1789-1877.

Todd, David Fenton Michie, 1915-2008.

Katherine C. Moore Research Materials on Trowbridge & Livingston.

Tudor, Evan J.


Upjohn, Hobart B., 1876-1949.

Upjohn, Richard, 1802-1878.
Upjohn, Richard Michell, 1828-1903.

Uris Brothers.
Percy Uris (1899-1971) and Harold D. Uris (1905-1982).

  • Access to this collection is restricted; for more information, please consult the collection overview.


Van Derpool, James Grote, 1903-1979.

Vaux, Calvert, 1824-1895.

William Alex Research Papers on Calvert Vaux.

Vegezzi, John. O.

  • Access: CLIO ; Archival card catalog

Vertical file.


Wadley & Smythe.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Wagner, Otto, 1841-1918.

  • Access: CLIO and Archival card catalog

Walker & Gillette.

  • Access: In process

Ware, Arthur.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Ware, Isaac, d. 1776.

Ware, William R. (William Robert), 1832-1915.

Warner, Charles H.

Warren, Russell, 1783-1860.

Warren & Wetmore.

Wank Adams Slavin Associates.


  • Access: Paper finding aid

Weiner, Stuart A.

Welch, Alexander McMillan.

White, Stanford, 1853-1906.

David Lowe Publication Papers on Stanford White's New York.

Will, Edwin R.

Williams, Edgar I., 1884-1974

Williams, Lessing.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Willis, Frank.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Windram, John.

  • Access: Paper finding aid

Withers, Frederick Clarke, 1828-1901.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Wood, Edith Elmer, 1871-1945.

Woodbridge, Frederick James Eugene, 1867-1940.

Woodbridge, Frederick J. (Frederick James), 1900-1974.

Woodlawn Cemetery.

Woods, Shadrach, 1923-1973.

Woodward, George E. (George Evertson), 1829-1905.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Woolf, S. J. (Samuel Johnson), 1880-1948.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives

Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959.

Frank Lloyd Wright/Fallingwater Collection.

  • See Kaufmann, Edgar J.

Frank Lloyd Wright/Miscellanea

Frank Lloyd Wright/New Theater for Hartford, CT.

Wright, Henry N., 1878-1936. (Photographic Collection of 20th-Century Housing)

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Wright, Henry N., Jr., 1910-. (Solar House Project)

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Wylie, Matthew.

  • Access: Archival card catalog



York & Sawyer.

  • Access: CLIO; Paper finding aid

Yorke, Francis W. B. (Walter Bagnall), 1879-1957.

Youngling, Henry.


Zerbe, Jerome, b. 1904.

  • Access: Archival card catalog

Zucker, Paul, 1889-1971.

  • Access: Archival card catalog