Avery's New York City Atlases

Avery Library is delighted to announce the installation of oversize shelving for one of our most important and heavily used resources. New atlas shelving has been installed in Room 222, commonly known as the Graduate Reading Room, located in the southwest corner of the 200 level. The atlases are now found on the east side of Room 222, conveniently located next to a large reading table.

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Avery Library continues to receive, to this day, the important, annually updated New York City atlases universally known as the “Sanborn Maps.”

The current land book for Manhattan is kept on Reserves (Avery AA9127 N4 Sa535 FF), and the current land books for Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island are available on microfiche only and are located in the cabinets behind the Service Desk (Avery Fx3 4118).

For a complete list of Avery’s collection please see:
New York City Atlases & Land Books held in Avery Library


For further information on the history and use of these kinds of atlases see:

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