About Butler Media Services

The Butler Media Center supports the playback of multiple visual and audio formats.

Playback equipment includes

  • 16 Samsung LCD TV monitors
  • 16 Toshiba multi-standard VCR's
  • 16 Denon multi-standard and multi-code DVD players
  • 3 Tascam audiocassette players
  • 1 Pioneer laserdisc/DVD/CD player

The Center is located in 208B Butler Library (view calendar for hours).

Access and Use

Access and use is limited to currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff of Columbia University and its affiliated institutions.

Priority is given to patrons using the facility for course-related purposes.

One-time use of the center is granted to individuals with Metro Card referral. NYU students are permitted to use the center.

Workstations may be reserved by staff for individuals conducting multimedia research, particularly during  high-use periods.