A Basic Bibliography in Medieval History

This list is intended as an introduction to important genres of library material employed by medievalists in their research.  The entries represent examples of those genres, rather than constituting a definitive list.

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Primary Sources

Some useful overviews of the field

Boyce, Gray Cowan. Literature of medieval history, 1930-1975 : a supplement to Louis John Paetow's A guide to the study of medieval history. Millwood, 1981. Butler Reference R016.9401 P131 Suppl. (copies available in multiple locations)

Caenegem, R. C. van. Guide to the Sources of Medieval History. Amsterdam, New York: North-Holland Pub.Co., 1978. Butler Reference R016.9401 C1159 (copies available in multiple locations)

The best single-volume overview of the literature.

Halphen, Louis. Initiation aux etudes d'histoire du moyen age. Paris, 1952. Butler Microforms MICROFLM F b4202 (copies available in multiple locations)

Paetow, Louis John. A guide to the study of medieval history. Millwood, 1980. Butler Reference R016.9401 P131 (copies available in multiple locations)

Powell, James M. Medieval Studies, 2nd edition. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1992. Butler Reference R016.9401 M461 (copies available in multiple locations)

Some good bibliography and a useful summary of the various sub-disciplines employed by medievalists.

Index tools

Dekkers, E. Clavis patrum latinorum, 3rd Edition. Steenbrugis: in abbatia Sancti Petri, 1995. Ancient/Medieval Reading Rm Z7791 .D45 1995g (copies available in multiple locations)

Geerard, Maurice. Clavis patrum graecorum. Turnhout: Brepols, 1974-87.

Indices of patristic authors, keyed to Migne's Patrology.

International Medieval Bibliography. Leeds, 1967-. Butler Reference R016.9401 In86

Medioevo Latino: Bollettino bibliografico della cultura europea dal secolo VI al XIII. Spoleto, 1980-. Butler Reference R016. 9401 M4

Sawicki, J. Bibliographia synodorum particularium. Monumenta iuris canonici. Series C, subsidia; vol. 2. E Civitate Vaticana: S. Congregatio de Seminariis et Studiorum Universitatibus, 1967. Butler Reference R016.2624 Sa96


Baudrillart, Alfred et al. Dictionnaire d'histoire et de geographie ecclesiastiques. Paris, 1912- . Butler Reference R032 D56 (copies available in multiple locations)

29 volumes thus far, reaching the middle of the alphabet.  A Catholic perspective.

Buchberger, Michael. Lexikon für Theologie und Kirche. 3rd revised ed. by Walter Kasper & Konrad Baumgartner. 11 volumes. Freiburg, 1993-2001. Butler Reference R032 L591

A Catholic perspective.

Cabrol, F. Dictionnaire d'archeologie chretienne et de liturgie. 15 vols. Paris, 1907-53. Butler Reference R032 D563 (copies available in multiple locations)

A Catholic perspective.

Dictionnaire de theologie catholique contenant l'expose des doctrines de la theologie catholique, leurs preuves et leur histoire. 15 vols. + 3 vols. of Tables. Paris, 1909-72. Burke Reference BX841 .D68
Dictionary of the Middle Ages, ed. Joseph Strayer. New York, 1982-89. Ancient/Medieval Reading Rm D114 .D5 1982 (copies available in multiple locations)

Ferluga, Jadran et al. Glossar zur frühmittelalterlichen Geschichte im östlichen Europa. Wiesbaden, 1973- . Ancient/Medieval Reading Rm DR32 .F46

Treats persons, places and terminology for Europe east of the Elbe. Series A treats Latin names up to 900; Series B treats Greek names up to 1025. There is also a Beihefte series.

Herzog, Johann Jakob. Realencyklopädie für protestantische theologie und kirche. 3rd ed. Albert Hauck. Leipzig, 1896-1913. Butler Reference R032 H44 (copies available in multiple locations)

A Protestant perspective.

Hoops, Johannes, 1865-1949. Reallexikon der germanischen Altertumskunde. 2nd ed. by Heinrich Beck et al. Berlin, New York, W. de Gruyter, 1973- . Butler Reference R943.0 H7661

This is a completely new and expanded version of Hoops' original, 4-volume work of 1911-19. Since 1986 De Gruyter has been publishing a monographic series in association with this title: Erganzungsbande zum Reallexikon der germanischen Altertumskunde.

Klauser, Theodor. Reallexikon für Antike und Christentum. Stuttgart, 1950- . Ancient/Medieval Reading Rm BR131 .R4 (copies available in multiple locations)

Intended to reach c. 600 C.E. - 16 volumes thus far.

New Catholic Encyclopedia. 15 vols. + supplements. New York, 1967- . Butler Reference R032 N421 (copies available in multiple locations)

A Catholic perspective; always useful.



Edler, Florence Marguerite. Glossary of mediaeval terms of business, Italian series, 1200-1600. Cambridge, Mass., 1934. [AM]


Bosworth, Joseph. An Anglo-Saxon dictionary : based on the manuscript collections of the late Joseph Bosworth, edited and enlarged by T. Northcote Toller. Oxford, 1983 - rp. of the 1898 ed. Ancient/Medieval Reading Rm

Supplemented by Toller, below. See also Alistair Campbell's Enlarged Addenda and Corrigenda, Oxford, 1972.

Kurath, Hans. Middle English Dictionary. Ann Arbor, 1952 - .[REF, AM]

The Oxford English Dictionary. 2nd ed. 20 vols. Oxford, 1989.[REF]

GET REF also available as a datafile on CLIO+ and in the Electronic Text Service.

Stratmann, Francis Henry. A Middle English Dictionary. Oxford, 1891. Ancient/Medieval Reading Rm ()

Still necessary, until Kurath is complete.

Toller, T. Northcote. An Anglo-Saxon dictionary based on the manuscript collections of the late Joseph Bosworth. Oxford, 1921. Ancient/Medieval Reading Rm ()

Supplement to Bosworth.



Godefroy, Frederic. Dictionnaire de l'ancienne langue francaise. Paris, 1880-1902. [REF]

The great dictionary of Old French.

Greimas, Algirdas. Dictionnaire de l'ancien francais : le moyen age. Paris, 1992. [AM]

Raynouard, Francois Juste Marie. Lexique roman ou dictionnaire de la langue des troubadours. 6 vols. Paris, 1835-44. [REF] -

Provencal French

Robert, Paul. Le grand Robert de la langue francaise : dictionnaire alphabetique et analogique de la langue francaise. 9 vols. [REF]

The great dictionary of the French language.

Tobler, Adolf & Erhard Lommatzsch. Altfranzosisches Worterbuch. Berlin & Wiesbaden, 1915. [REF]

The alphabet is nearly complete for this supplement to Godefroy.



Graff, Eberhard Gottlieb. Althochdeutscher Sprachschatz. 6 vols. Berlin, 1834-46. [REF]

Being replaced by Karg-Gasterstadt.

Grimm, Jacob & Wilhelm. Deutsches Worterbuch. 16 vols. in 33. Leipzig, 1854-1960, rp. 1984. [REF]

The great dictionary of the German language.

Holthausen, Ferdinand. Altsachsisches Worterbuch. Cologne, 1967. [AM]

Karg-Gasterstadt, Elisabeth & Theodor Frings. Althochdeutsches Worterbuch. Berlin, 1952- . [REF]

Until it's complete, reference must be made to Graff above.

Lasch, Agathe et al. Mittelniederdeutsches Handworterbuch. Hamburg, 1928- . [REF]

Lexer, Matthias. Mittelhochdeutsch Handworterbuch. 3 vols. Leipzig, 1872-78. [AM]

Schiller, Karl Christian & August Lubben. Mittelniederdeutsches Worterbuch. 6 vols. Bremen, 1875-81.[AM] - essential, until Lasch is complete.



Du Cange, Charles Du Fresne, sieur. Glossarium ad scriptores mediae et infimae graecitatis. 2 vols. Lyon, 1688; rp. Graz, 1958. - [AM]: PA1125 .D8 1688a

Lampe, G.W.H. A Patristic Greek Lexicon. 5 parts. Oxford, 1961-68. - [REF] & [AM]: PA881 .P45

Liddell, Henry George & Robert Scott. A Greek-English Lexicon. Rev. ed. by Sir Henry Stuart Jones, with suppl. by Eric Barber. Oxford, 1968. - [AM]: PA445.E5 L6 1968

Sophocles, E.A. Greek lexicon of the Roman and Byzantine periods (from B.C. 146 to A.D. 1100). 2 vols. Cambridge, 1887; rp. 1957. - [AM]

Wirth, Peter. Reallexikon der Byzantinistik. Amsterdam, 1968- . [AM] - an enormous project to include 50 volumes treating the period 354-1453, which has hardly begun.



Battaglia, Salvatore. Grande dizionario della lingua Italiana. vols. Turin, 1961-92. [REF]

Bosshard, Hans. Saggio di un glossario dell'antico lombardo : compilato su statuti e altre carte medievali della Lombardia e della Svizzera italiana. Florence, 1938; rp. Sala Bolognese, 1986. [AM]

Rossi, Girolama, 1831-1914.Glossario medioevale Ligure. Turin, 1896-1909; rp. Bologna, 1988. [AM] - Not a dictionary but the foundations for one.



Blaise, Albert & Henri Chirat. Dictionnaire latin-francais des auteurs chretiens. Turnhout, 1954. [AM]

Blaise, Albert. Lexicon Latinitatis Medii Aevi = Dictionnaire latin-francais des auteurs du Moyen-Age. Turnhout, 1975. [AM, REF]

Du Cange, Charles Du Fresne, sieur. Glossarium mediae et infimae latinitatis. Orig. Paris, 1840-50. [REF] - Originally published in 1678 & updated many times, this treats terms that deviate from the classical norm. It is still a difficult & largely out-of-date tool and is being replaced by the work of the Union Academique Internationale below.

Forcellini, Egidio. Totius latinitatis lexicon... 10 vols. Prato, 1858-87. [AM] - For portions of the alphabet not covered by the Thesaurus linguae latinae.

Niermeyer, Jan Frederik. Mediae Latinitatis lexicon minus. Leiden, 1976. [AM, REF] - the latest edition is 1993.

Souter, Alexander. A glossary of later Latin to 600 A.D. Oxford, 1949. [AM, REF]

Thesaurus linguae latinae. Leipzig, 1900- . [REF] - Based on all Latin texts to the end of the 6th century, the project has reached the letter P, but all of N is still lacking.

Union Academique Internationale. Novum glossarium mediae Latinitatis ab anno DCCC usque ad annum MCC. Copenhagen, 1957- . [REF] - this work, inspired by Henri Pirenne, is intended to replace Du Cange, though there have been problems.



Balon, Joseph. Grand Dictionnaire de Droit du Moyen Age. Namur, 1972- . [LAW] - a list of legal terms in Latin, French, German and other languages with French translations and some bibliography, the letter C has been reached.

Prosopography & Biography

NOTE: Medievalists should be aware of: A.H.M. Jones, J. R. Martindale and J. Morris, The prosopography of the later Roman Empire. 3 vols. in 4. Cambridge, 1971-92. [AM, BUT], which reaches to 641 C.E.; and: Henri Marrou, Prosopographie chretienne du Bas-Empire. Paris, 1982- [AM], which takes the church down to c. 600.

Bach, Adolf. Deutsche Namenkunde. 3 vols. Heidelberg, 1952-56. [AM] - Vol. 1 treats personal names; vol. 2 place names; vol. 3 is an index.

Beaunier, Dom, J.M. Besse et al. Abbayes et prieures de l'ancienne France : recueil historique des archeveches, eveches, abbayes et prieures de France Paris, 1905- . [AM] - This modern expansion on Dom Baunier's 18th-century work has never been completed. The 11 extant vols. treat the following provinces: 1) Paris; 2) Aix, Arles, Avignon et Embrum; 3) Auch & Bordeaux; 4) Alby, Narbonne & Toulouse; 5) Bourges; 6) Sens; 7) Rouen; 8) Tours; 9) Vienne; 10) Lyon, 1st pt. Dioceses Lyon & Saint-Claude; 12) Lyon, 3rd pt. Dioceses Langres & Dijon.

Duchesne, Louis. Fastes episcopaux de l'ancienne Gaule. 3 vols. Paris, 1907-17. [AM, MRR] - reaches the end of the 9th century.

Eubel, C. Hierarchia catholica medii aevi. Monasterii, sumptibus et typis Librariae Regensbergianae, 1913-1935.[AM] - see also, Gams below - Eubel is more accurate than Gams but begins only in 1198.

Foerstemann, Ernst. Altdeutsches Namenbuch. 2 vols. Bonn, 1901-16; rp. Munich, 1966-67.[REF] - Olms began a second reprint in 1983. Vol. 1 treats personal names, vol. 2 place names. The work is badly out-of-date and contains many errors. - See also, Henning Kaufmann, Altdeutsche Personennamen Erg_anzungsband. Munich, 1978.

Gams, P. B. Series episcoporum Ecclesia Catholica. Ratisbonae: G. S. Manz, 1873. [AM]- a compilation of the church hierarchy from its foundation to 1885 - less accurate than Eubel, which is thus preferable post- 1198.

Manitius, M. Geschichte der lateinischen Literatur des Mittelalters. Munchen: Beck, 1911-1931. [AM & REF]

Morlet, Marie. Les Noms de personne sur le territoire de l'ancienne Gaule du au XIIe siecle. Paris, 1968 - . [AM] - 3 vols.: 1. Les noms issus du germanique continental et les cr_eations gallo-germaniques.--2. Les noms latins ou transmis par le latin.-- 3. Les noms de personne contenus dans les noms de lieux.

Potthast, A. Bibliotheca historica medii aevi: Wegweiser durch die Geschichtswerke des europaischen Mittelalters bis 1500. Berlin: W. Weber, 1896. [REF] - An index to medieval writers, alphabetized by author. Lists mss., editions and translations.

Repertorium fontium historiae medii aevi. Romae: Instituto storico Italiano, 1978 - . An updating of Potthast (above). Far more detailed, but still incomplete - only goes to K. [REF]

Wattenbach, W. Deutschlands Geschichtsquellen im Mittelalter. Weimar: H. Bohlaus Nachfolger, 1952-1973. This bibliography has been redone in parts by W. Levison (Vorzeit u. Karolinger), R. Holtzmann (Deutsche Kaiserzeit, Die Zeit der Sachsen u. Salier, Das Zeitalter des ottonischen Staates, Das Zeitalters des Investiturs. [REF]

Place Names

Note: There are several periodicals devoted to onomastics and the narrower subject of place names:


Beitraege zur Namenforschung. Heidelberg, 1949- . - [BUT]: P769 .B45 & 929.4 B397.


Belgium. Commission royale de toponymie et dialectologie. Bulletin de la Commission Royale de Toponymie & Dialectologie = Handelingen van de Koninklijke Commissie voor Toponymie & Dilectologie. Brussels, 1927- .


Naamkunde, continues: Mededelingen van de Vereniging voor Naamkunde te Leuven en de Commissie voor Naamkunde te Ansterdam. Louvain, 1925- .


Onoma: Bulletin d'information et de bibliographie = Bibliographical and information bulletin. Louvain, 1950- . An international bibliography of work in onomastics.


Revue internationale d'onomastique. Paris, 1949-1977.


Zeitschrift fuer Namenforschung, continues Zeitschrift fuer Ortsnamenforschung. Munich & Berlin, 1925-1943.



Deschamps, Pierre. Dictionnaire de geographie ancienne et moderne a l'usage du libraire et de l'amateur de livres. Paris, 1870. [REF]

Ekwall, Eilert. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names.Oxford, 1960; rp. 1970. - [REF]: R910 .3N42 A631

Foerstmann, Ernst. Altdeutsches Namenbuch. 2 vols. Bonn, 1900-1916; rp. Munich, 1966-67. - Vol. 1: Personal names; Vol. 2: Places and other geographic names. This is Hermann Jellinghaus' revision of the work originally issued in 1855-59. It is being replaced by Hausner below.

France. Comite des travaux historiques et scientifiques. Dictionnaire topographique de la France, comprenant les noms de lieu anciens et modernes. Paris, 1861- . - The set thusfar has treated present and former place names in approximately one third of the departments of France.

Dizionario Toponomastico Atesino. ed. Carlo Battisti et al. Issued by the Istituto di glottologia della R. Universita di Firenze. Florence, 1936- .

Graesse, J. G. , F. Benedict, H. Plechl. Orbis latinus: Lexicon lateinischer geographischer Namen. Braunschweig: Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1971.[AM] - A dictionary of Latin place names and their vernacular equivalents. The 3-volume set, not the single volume abridgement.

Gysseling, Maurits. Toponymisch woordenboek van Belgie, Nederland, Luxemburg, Noord-Frankrijk en West-Duitsland. 2 vols. Brussels, 1960. - An excellent source including place names from the Low Countries, the Rhineland, northeastern France and areas beyond up to 1225.

Hausner, Isolde & Elisabeth Schuster. Altdeutsches Namenbuch : die Uberlieferung der Ortsnamen in Osterreich und Sudtirol von den Anfangen bis 1200. Vienna, 1989- . - Issued in fascicules by the Kommission fuer Mundartkunde und Namenforschung of the Austrian Academy.

Moreau, Jean. Dictionnaire de geographie historique de la Gaule et de la France. Paris, 1972.

Oesterley, Hermann. Historisch-geographisches Woerterbuch des deutschen Mittelalters. Gotha, 1883; rp. Aalen, 1962. - as with Foerstmann, there are errors.

Smith, Albert. English Place-name Elements. 2 vols. Cambridge, 1956.- [AM]: DA645 .A4 v.25-26

Tillmann, Curt. Lexikon der deutschen Burgen und Schloesser. Stuttgart, 1957-1961. - Three volumes and an atlas.

Diplomatics & Paleography

Bischoff, Berhard. Latin palaeography : antiquity and the Middle Ages. translated by Daibhi o Croinin and David Ganz. Cambridge, 1990. [BUT]: Z114 .B5713 1990

Boyle, Leonard E. Medieval Latin Palaeography: A Bibliographical Introduction. Toronoto, 1984. [REF]: R016 .9401 B697

Briquet, Charles M. Les Filigranes: dictionnaire historique des marques de papier des leur apparition vers 1282 jusqu'en 1600. 4 vols. Fasc. rp. of 2nd ed. of 1923. [RB - Graphic Arts]: Z237 .B75 1984g - Also: facsimile of the 1907 ed. with supplementary material contributed by a number of scholars, edited by Allan Stevenson. Amsterdam, 1968. [RB - Graphic Arts]: Z237.B845 1968

Brown, Michelle. Understanding Illuminated Manuscripts: A Guide to Technical Terms. Malibu, Calif., 1994. [AM]: ND2889 .B76 1994 & [AVE]: ND50 B81

Cappelli, A. Cronologia, cronografia e calendario perpetuo: Tavole chronografiche e quadri sinottici per verificare le date storiche dal principio dell'Era Cristiana ai giorni nostri . Milano: Hoepli, 1930. [AM] - a useful tool for interpreting the dating elements of medieval documents - not the only one.

Cappelli, A. Lexicon abbreviaturarum: dizionario di abbreviature latine ed italiane usate nelle carte e codici specialmente del Medio-Evo. . Milano: Hoepli, 1990.[AM - earlier ed. in REF]

Chevalier, C. U. Repertoire des sources historiques du moyen age. Bibliographie. Paris: Societe bibliographique, 1877-1903. [AVE]

Cottineau, L. H. & G. Poras. Repertoire topo-bibliographique des abbayes et prieures. Macon: Protat Freres, 1935-1970. [AM - also AVE & UTS]

Erben, W. , L. Schmitz-Kallenberg & O. Redlich, Urkundenlehre. Munchen: R. Oldenbourg, 1907-1911. [BUT] - Vol. 1 is a general introduction and vol. 3 treats private documents. Vol. 2 never appeared.

Fawtier, R. Les sources de l'histoire de France des origines a fin a la fin du XVe siecle. Paris:Editions A. et J. Picard, 1971- . [BUT ]

Giry, A. Manuel de diplomatique. Paris:Hachette, 1894 - rp. Olms, 1972. [REF]

Institut de recherche et d'histoire des textes. In principio <computer file> : incipit index of Latin texts =incipitaire des textes latins. Turnhout, 1993- . [Electronic Text Center] Based on the 400,000 incipits from the cardfiles of the Latin Section of the Institut de recherche et d'histoire des textes, covering ancient, patristic, medieval and humanist Latin literature.

Molinier, A. Les sources de l'histoire de France. Des origines aux guerres d'Italie. Paris:A. Picard, 1901-1906. [REF]

Muzerelle, Denis. Vocabulaire Codicologique: Repertoire Methodique des Termes Francais Relatifs aux Manuscrits. Paris, 1985. [REF]: R417 M98

Reynolds, Leighton D. & Nigel G. Wilson. Scribes and scholars : a guide to the transmission of Greek and Latin literature. 3rd ed. Oxford, 1991. [BUT]: PA47 .R4 1991

Wattenbach, Wilhelm. Das Schriftwesen im Mittelalter. 3rd ed. Leipzig 1896; rp. Graz, 1958. [AM & RB - Graphic Arts]: Z105 W34 1896 - still useful.

Major source collections

Background: See David Knowles, Great Historical Enterprises: Problems in monastic history. London, 1963. - [usually on Reserve] and/or R. C. Van Caenagem, Guide to the Sources of Medieval History - see above.


The Crusades

Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. Documents relatifs a l'histoire des croisades. Paris, 1946- . - [AM]: D157 .A22 - This is really a continuation of:

Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. Recueil des historiens des croisades. Subseries: Lois, Historiens occidentaux, Historiens grecs, Historiens orientaux, Documents armeniens. Paris, 1841-1906. [AM]: D151 .R312



Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres.Chartes et diplomes relatifs a l'histoire de France. Paris, 1908- . [BUT] - publishing the French royal charters.

Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. Recueil des historiens de la France. There are three series:

Documents financiers. Paris, 1899- . Continued by: Documents financiers et administratifs. Paris, 1992- .


Obituaires. Paris, 1902- . The series began anew under the same title in 1984.


Pouilles. Paris, 1903- .



Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. Recueil des historiens des Gaules et de la France. 24 vols. Paris, 1738-86, 1806-1904. - [AM]: DC3 .B76 1967 - Begun by Martin Bouquet, reprinted by Leopold Delisle and continued by the Academie, the series is actually incomplete, though in some respects it is continued by Recueil des historiens de la France above.

Albanes, Joseph. Gallia christiana novissima. Histoire des archveches, eveches & abbayes de France, accompagnee des documents authentiques recueillis dans les registres du Vatican et les archives locales. 7 vols. Montbeliard, 1899-1920. [AM] - histories & documents of the following dioceses: 1) Aix, Apt, Frejus, Gap, Riez & Sisteron; 2) Marseille; 3) Arles; 4) Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux; 5) Toulon; 6) Orange; 7) Avignon.

Comite des Travaux historiques et scientifiques. Collection de documents inedits sur l'histoire de France. Paris, 1835- . - [BUT] - This enormous enterprise, treating medieval and modern documents, appears in quarto and octavo series arranged in the following sections:

1. Chroniques, memoires, journaux, recits et compositions historiques2. Cartulaires et recueils de chartes3. Correspondances et documents politiques et administratifs4. Documents de la periode revolutionnaire5. Documents philologiques, philosophiques, juridiques...6. Publications archeologiques

Gallia christiana in provincias ecclesiasticas distributa. 16 vols. Paris, 1715-1874. - [AM]: BR842 .G34 1715g - Begun by the Assemblee du Clerge, continued by the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles- Lettres. Paris, 1715-1874. A unique collection of sources on the French church, and each volume also contains a number of charters [instrumenta] as an appendix.

Lemarignier, Jean-Francois. Gallia monastica : tableaux et cartes de d_ependances monastiques. Paris, 1974- . [AM] - only Vol. 1 treating the Benedictine abbeys of the diocese of Reims, by Francoise Poirier-Coutansais, has been complete.



Monumenta Germaniae Historica Subseries: Scriptores, Leges, Diplomata, Antiquitates, Deutsches Mittelalter & Quellen zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters, Scriptores in usu scholarum, Schriften, as well as the MGH journals: Deutsches Archiv, Archiv and Neues Archiv. [AM] - the national set for Germany.
- For a fuller guide to this large and complex enterprise, click HERE.


Great Britain

Rerum Britannicarum medii aevi scriptores. London, 1858-96; rp. 1964-65. - [AM]: DA25 .B5 1964g
- The British contribution to the PL/MGH approach to source gathering, controlled by the head of the Public Rolls Office. For those working in English history, see also the collections developed by the Camden Society, the Royal Historical Society and the Pipe Roll Society, among others.[BUT]



Istituto storico italiano. Fonti per la storia d'Italia.[BUT]

Muratori, L. A. Rerum italicorum scriptores. [AM]- An updating of Muratori, in progress, is being produced by G. Carducci & V. Fiorini.

For information on how to navigate the chronicles in many of the above- mentioned sources, see M. McCormick, Les annales du haut moyen age (=Typologie des sources du Moyen Age occidental, fasc. 14).[AM]

The Church: Patristics et al.

Corpus Christianorum

Corpus scriptorum ecclesiasticorum latinorum. Vienna, 1866- . Published by the Oesterreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften and often simply termed the Vienna corpus, this series parallels the Corpus Christianorum in its efforts to improve upon Migne. - Many texts are also available in the CETEDOC datafile.

Migne, J. P. Patrologiae cursus completus. . . . Series Latina (221 vols.) & Series Graeca (161 vols). Paris, 1844-64. - [AM]: BR60 .M5 1844g & BR60 .M54 1857g &

Patrologiae cursus completus. Series Latina. Supplementum, by Adalbert Hamman. 5 vols. Paris, 1958-74. - [AM]: BR60 .M5 1884g Suppl. - Hamman's purpose, less ambitious than the Vienna Corpus and the Corpus Christianorum, was to providing patristic texts not available in Migne plus notes on Migne's work and indices.

The Church: Councils

Baronio, Cesare. Annales ecclesiastici. Lucca, 1738-1759. [AM]

Binius, Severin. Concilia generalia et provincialia, quaecunque reperiri potuerunt; item epistolae decretalis, et Romanor. Pontific. vitae. Cologne, 1606. [AM]

Collectio regia = Conciliorvm omnivm generalivm et principalivm collectio regia. Paris, 1644. [AM]

Hardouin, Jean. Acta conciliorum et epistolae decretales, ac constitutiones summorum pontificum. Paris, 1714-15. [AM]

Labbe, Philippe & Gabriel Cossart.Sacrosancta concilia ad regiam editionem exacta quae nunc quarta parte prodit auctior. Paris, 1671-72. [AM]

Mansi, Giovanni Domenico. Sacrorum conciliorum nova, et amplissima collectio in qua praeter ea quae Phil. Labbeus, et Gabr. Cossartius et novissime Nicolaus Coleti in lucem edidere, ea omnia exhibentur, quae Johannes Dominicus Mansi evulgavit. Florence, 1759. [AM]

The Church: the Papacy


Bohmer, Johann Friedrich. Die Regesten des Kaiserreichs : sachsisches Haus, 919-1024. Vol. 5 = Papstregesten, 911-1024. Innsbruck, 1901; rp. Graz, 1971. [AM, REF] - this presents calendars for the popes & their legates to Germany in this period.

Jaffe, Philipp. Regesta pontificum romanorum ab condita ecclesia ad annum post Christum natum MCXCVIII. 2nd ed. corrected & supplemented by , Samuel Loewenfeld, Ferdinand Kaltenbrunner & Paul Ewald. 2 vols. Graz, 1956. - Register of papal letters to 1198.[AM]

Pottast, Augustus. Regesta pontificum romanorum inde ab a. post Christum natum MCXCVIII ad a. MCCCIV. Berlin, 1874-75. [AM] - needs to be updated.

Seeck, Otto. Regesten der kaiser und paepste fuer die jahre 311 bis 476 n. Chr. Frankfurt am Main, 1919. rp. 1984. [AM]



NOTE: This is a large and complex body of sources, which have been organized in a separate finding aid treating papal documents medieval and modern. Click HERE to see that finding aid.

Letters and letter collections

MGH, Epistolae selecta; Libelli de lite; Deutches Mittelalter 1.[AM]

Jaffe, Ph. Codex Udalrici. Bibliotheca rerum germanicarum 5. Berlin: 1864-1873; Aalen: Scientia Verlag, 1964.[AM]

Rolls Series 67(5) to 67(7) - Materials for the history of Thomas Becket.[AM]

Administrative and legislative records

MGH Leges.[AM]

Laur, P. & C. Samaran. Les originaux des Merovingiens.[BUT]

Van de Kieft, C. & J. F. Niermeijer. Elenchus fontium historiae urbanae. Leiden:E. J. Brill, 1967 - .[AM]

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