Mission and Program of the DHC

The Digital Humanities Center (DHC) in Butler 305 is part of the Humanities and History Division (H&H) and one of three divisional or subject-oriented digital centers at Columbia Libraries.

  • The DHC brings together technology and research support to serve Columbia students, faculty, and staff working in the humanities and history.  Users can come, individually or in groups, to identify, learn, and use the latest digital resources and technologies, often in combination with resources they create themselves or with resources and technologies acquired from other sites.  
  • The DHC aims to provide at least basic support for all digital formats of relevance to a given user, full support for those materials collected by the History and Humanities Division, and referrals to other library or campus departments for training on or more expert assistance with specific tools.
  • The DHC serves as a space in which H&H librarians can provide their digitally-based reference, consultative, and instructional services in conjunction with print collections.   The DHC aims to integrate its work closely  with that of the general public service efforts of the Humanities and History Division. It increasingly functions as an integrated H&H reference, research, and technology center.
  • It is also a site for formalized close collaboration and interaction among the players on the University’s information team—especially the Libraries' Digital Program, the Library IT Office, CCNMTL, CDRS, CUIT — as well as other departmental computing units on campus. The DHC will act as a point of first contact with the Columbia information system, building upon the respective expertise of each of those groups or providing referrals to them, and providing a venue for the demonstration, implementation, and evaluation of their digital products as well as a space in which staff of those groups can also work as needed.