Digital Science Center Software List

The Digital Science Center provides a wide range of software to support research and coursework in several science and engineering disciplines.  All of the software below is available for use on the computers located in the Science & Engineering Library, and some is also available for download and use on personal computers.

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Audio, Video

These programs are used to input, edit, manipulate, and publish audio and video recordings.


These programs will be useful when collecting and organizing references in order to create bibliographies.

Need help choosing a reference manager? Check out this handy comparison!

Chemistry, Biology

These programs are used to draw molecular structures in two- and three-dimensions, to analyze chemical spectra, to model biological behavior, and to produce visualizations of chemical and biological data.  You can also organize your research with an electronic lab notebook.



 Electronic Lab Notebook


The Digital Science Center has Python 3.5 available on its computers as well as a variety of IDEs.



These programs are used to interact with contacts in real-time and to access files on remote computers.


These programs are used to design document layouts, webpages, and to manipulate two- and three-dimensional images.

Geology, Mapping

These programs are useful for the visualization of various types of geospatial data.

ArcGlobe 10

ArcGlobe 10 (ArcGIS)

ArcMap 10

ArcMap 10 (ArcGIS)

ArcScene 10

ArcScene 10 (ArcGIS)


These programs are useful for organizing, analyzing, and interpreting statistical data.

Math, Physics, Engineering

These programs are used to render computer-aided designs, to model mathematical equations, and to generate documents using the LaTeX language.



Coming soon!



Coming soon!




These programs are used for general productivity, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and databasing.

Additional Utilities

These are a few web browsers and compression/decompression tools.

Looking for something else?

In addition to the software available in the Digital Science Center, several other sites on campus have extensive software to support research and coursework: