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The 2010 Census had only a limited number of questions, most relating to congressional reapportionment.

Data on the following characteristics are reported.
Number of Persons Race
Number of Households Hispanic Origin
Household Type
Occupancy Status Age
Owner/Renter Status  

Accessing the Data Tables

2010 Census products are available via these types of web interfaces.


American FactFinder

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Decennial Census on AFF

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Social Explorer

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Republished Census Data

Spatial Data and Maps

Census Bureau's Census 2010 Data page includes links to interactive maps.


Data Products

Census Bureau's Census 2010 Data page lists all files and has links to interactive maps.

  • Summary File 1
    • Data Content
      • age, sex, households, families, relationship to householder, characteristics of owners and renters, detailed race (definitions here) and Hispanic or Latino origin groups, and group quarters.
      • cross tabulations among various characteristics by basic race and by Hispanic Origin
    • Geographic Coverage
      • counties, tracts, block-groups, blocks,
      • places, metropolitan areas, congressional districts (111th), state legislative areas,
      • American Indian, Hawaiian Native, and Alaskan areas,
      • regions, divisions
      • Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs),
      • school districts
    • 2010 Summary File 1 Documentation
  • Demographic Profiles
    • Data Content - one table listing all characteristics with few cross tabulations; see AFF2 table layout.
    • Geographic Coverage
      • U.S. Region, Division, States
      • Counties, Places, County Subdivisions, Congressional Districts, State Legislative Districts, ZIP code tabulation areas, school districts and census tracts
      • Within States: Metropolitan Areas, American Indian and Alaskan Areas
    • 2010 Demographic Profile Summary File Documentation
  • Summary File 2 (being released on a state by state basis Dec. 2011 through April 2012)
    • Data Content
      • Detailed demographic information in these tables for up to 331 population sub-groups down to the census tract level.
      • The population sub-groups are based on race (basic race, detailed race and all combinations of basic race), Hispanic or Latino origin (including detailed Hispanic origins), and tribal population groups. Click here for definitions of these groups.  
      • Presentation of SF 2 tables for a population-groups is subject to a threshold of 100 or more people.
    • Geographic Coverage
      • Current release is for state and geographies within states down to tracts. Includes ZCTAs.
  • Redistricting Data (P.L. 94-171)
    • Data Content
      • counts of all persons and of the voting age population are reported
        - in total
        - by basic race categories and all race combinations (definitions here)
        - by Hispanic Origin and Hispanic Origin by Race
      • Counts of vacant and occupied housing units
    • Geographic Coverage
      • blocks, tracts, counties, communities, states, and Congressional Districts
  • 2010 Census Products At a Glance

Census 2010 Data Hosted Outside the Census Bureau