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Types of Products

  • Summary Tapes Files (STF)
    Summary Tape Files report data tabulated to various geographic levels, referred as "summary levels."  Files report data on either the short form, filled out by everyone, or the long form given to a sample.

  Short form, 100% count- exact counts

STF1 - all persons & by race - Hispanic Origin
       A - States - BlockGroups
       B - Blocks
       C - Nation, MSA, cross-state geographies
       D - Congressional District

STF2 - 34 race and Hispanic Origin groups
       A - Hierarchy within states to tracts
       B - States to areas 1,000 or more
       C - Nation to areas of 10,000 or more
       D - Congressional District

  Long form, sample coverage - estimates

STF3- all persons & by race - Hispanic Origin
       A - States - BlockGroups
       B - Zip Codes
       C - Nation, MSA, to areas of 10,000+
       D - Congressional District

STF4 - 34 race and Hispanic Origin groups
       A - States to tracts
       B - Hierarchy in state to areas 2,500+
       C - Nation to counties

  • Public Law (P.L.) 94-171
    Also called the Redistricting file, it was the first file published from the 1990 Census and was used for congressional reapportionment. Data is based on the short form and focuses on age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin.
  • Subject Summary Tape Files (SSTF)
    Subject Summary Tape Files analyze a topic (like ancestry, elderly, education, etc.) or population (blacks, asians, etc).  Tables are generally reported to the state level with cross-tabulations within these files are reported at the national level only.

  • Public Use Microdata (PUMS)
    The design of the 1990 PUMS files is similar to that of 2000, so refer to Microdata Overview for an explanation, while relying on the links the next section of this page to obtain the data.
  • Maps and Spatial Data
    • TIGER/LineĀ®
      All the geographies supported by the Census Bureau were originally published in the TIGER Line Files product. These are the basis for the spatial data products described above.
    • Printed Maps
      The Census Bureau distributed Census maps in print. The Map collection has the Tract Boundary Maps and the Puma maps for 1990.
  • Other Products
    The Census Bureau publishes two special tabulations that it prepares under contract for other agencies: the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) File, and the Census Transportation Planning Package (CTTP) file.
  • Data Sources

    • Online Data Extraction
    • GIS Products
    • CD-ROM Products Available in the DSSC
      • CD-ROMs from the Federal Government
        Refer to 1990 Census - CD-ROMs for a list of these CD-ROMs. They include the Subject Summary Tape Files series that reported on special topics and population sub-groups.
    • Files for FTP
      • ICPSR
        This link leads to the complete list of what ICPSR provides. Use this source if you do not find what you are looking for in CU Data Catalog.

    General Information