Citing Data Studies

Data studies used in the preparation of papers, presentations and writings for publication should be fully cited in the resulting work. This page provides links to guides from some of our major data providers on how to prepare these citations.

  • Why and how should I cite data, from ICPSR
    ICPSR gives a study-specific bibliographic citation as part of every study description.
  • IASSIST Quick Guide to Data Citation
    Lists the key elements of a data citation and gives examples.
  • Roper Center's Guidelines for Bibliographic Citations
    Instructions on citing Roper data studies are included in their Responsible Use Statement.
  • How to cite electronic media
    A general guide from NCHS covering a variety of electronic products.
  • Citing Records in the National Archives of the United States
    Among the types of sources for which guidelines are provided is a section entitled Guidelines for Citing Electronic Records.
  • How to Cite Statistics Canada Products
    Although specific to Statistics Canada, the recommendations and examples deal with the common components needed for referencing a statistical source regardless of author.