Population Data by Congressional District

Sources for Data

  • Decennial Census
    Counts from the decennial census reflect the makeup of the population in the year of the decennial census. Between census years, the counts are restated and new files added to reflect changes in congressional boundaries.
    Up until the 2010 Census there were data files from both the 100% count (persons, race/Hispanic origin, sex, age, household type) and from the long form sample count (wide range of socio-economic variables) are available.  Starting in 2010 the Census was only a 100% count as the questions on socio-economic detail were moved to the ACS.
  • American Community Survey (ACS)
    This is a continuous survey with questions similar to what were asked in the decennial census long form. From it annual reports are produced.  Counts from this source relate to the time span as referenced in the ACS file name. Data tables are available starting with the 109th Congress.


  • American FactFinder  is the Census Bureau's portal for data starting with 2000 Census and for the American Community Survey Starting with 2006.  For help with using AFF refer to the library guide for on using AFF with ACS.
  • Social Explorer is an easy-to-use subscription web portal many Census products across many years.
  • Census 2000 DVD Summary Files
    This interface is easy to use and is best for very large files. The files published with the release of 2000 Census data for all geographies include reports for the 106th congress. The popular files in this set can be accessed on the DSSC workstations in Lehman Library, and the rest are available in the Data Service on the lower level of the DSSC.
  • Congressional District Census 2000 Summary DVDs
    For each Congress 107th through 110th, a Summary File DVD product was released reporting Census 2000 counts reported using the congressional boundaries that were in place for that congressional session. The set has the same easy-to-use interface as the original Census 2000 DVDs, and contains both 100% and samples. They are available for use in the Data Service on the lower level of the DSSC.
  • Congressional District Census 1990 Summary File on CD-ROM
    1990 Census data reported in a series of products issued for the 103rd, 104th, 105th Congresses. All are available in Data Service on the lower level of the DSSC with call number C3.282/4:.
  • Files for download
    These files are usually ASCII text files. They require data manipulation to use and can be downloaded from sources like ICPSR, Census Bureau or the CU Numeric Data Catalog.
  • CQ Voting and Elections Collection
    Congressional District Profiles starting with the 97th Congress (1981-1983) are available in the "Voters and Demographic" section of the CQ Voting and Elections Collection. The entities are encyclopedia narratives, one for each district for each congress. To identify them search within the section for state name and/or congress number; e.g. arizona and 100th. Since this is a text resource and not a data resource, it is not listed in the specifics given below.
  • For GIS Boundary Files
    Congressional District shape files are available for every U.S. Congressional District in use between 1789 and 2012 at site, United States Congressional District Shapefiles.

Data options by Congress

Note all datasets are available at the Census ftp site http://www2.census.gov (for expert users)

  • 113th Congress (via AFF)
    • American Community Survey 2012 (1, 3 & 5  year estimates) via (AFF).
    • for FTP, 113th Congress District Profile in .xls format (based on ACS 2011 1 year est.)
    • ICPSR. search for # 34753, Census 2010 113th Congressional District Summary File
    • Census 2010, 113th Congress 100% Data via AFF
  • 112th Congress via AFF & SocEx
    • American Community Survey 2011 (1, 3, 5 year period estimates)
  • 111th Congress  via AFF & SocEx 
    • Census 2010
    • American Community Survey 2009 and 2010 (1, 3, 5 year period estimates)
  • 110th Congress via AFF & SocEx
    Note: only Georgia and Texas were redrawn for the 110th
    • Census 2000 - 110th CD Summary File
    • on DVD, Census 2000 - 110th CD Summary File
    • American Community Survey 2008 and 2007 (1 & 3 year period estimates)
    • for FTP, Census 2000 FTP page - 110th Summary Files
    • for FTP, ICPSR Studies, search 21803 for sample data or 21800 for 100% counts
  • 109th Congress via AFF & SocEx
    Note: only Maine, Pennsylvania, and Texas were redrawn for the 109th
  • 108th Congress
  • 107th Congress
    No change from 106th Congress.
  • 106th Congress via AFF & NHGIS
  • 105th Congress
    • Census 1990 Summary File 1&3
    • 105th Congressional District Census 1990 SF 1D
    • on CD-ROM, STF 1D, C3.282/4:105 (.dbf ASCII format)
  • 104th Congress
    • on CD-ROM, STF 1990 1D, C3.282/4:104 (.dbf ASCII format),
      data on the six states for which boundaries changed
  • 103rd Congress
    • via NHGIS, 103rd CD Census 1990 Summary Tape File 1D,
      from ICPSR, Study Number 6011; files state-by-state
    • on CD-ROM, C3.282/4:103 (.dbf ASCII format)
  • 101st Congress
  • 99th Congress
    • Census 1980 Congressional District Equivalency File, ICPSR, Study Number 8404; data on the 10 states for which boundaries changed
  • 98th Congress
    • 1980 STF 3D Congressional District-level Extract; ICPSR
    • 1980 STF 1D at ICPSR, Study Number 8903 (files are state-by-state)
  • 96th Congress
    • 1980 Summary Tape File 1C; ICPSR, Study Number 8091 as a single nation-wide file
  • 93rd Congress
    •  Congressional District Data Book for the Ninety-Third Congress; ICPSR, Study Number 0011
  • 91st Congress
    •  1970 Summary Statistics File 1B [First Count]; ICPSR, Study Number 8122, files are state-by-state
  • 87th and 88th Congress
    • Congressional District Data Book 1961-1965; ICPSR, Study Number 10