Current Population Survey

The Current Population Survey (CPS) is a monthly survey of about 50,000 households which has been conducted annually for over 50 years. General information about the survey can be found at the Census Bureau's CPS website. The components of the survey are:

Basic Monthly Survey

CPS Supplements

Done on behalf of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, contains data on employment, unemployment and the labor force with  only limited socio-demographic detail.

Topic-specific surveys done annually or less frequently to gather demographic and socio-economic data; the most notable the Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC)

CPS Supplements

Annual Social and Economic Supplement

  • Select data from across all survey years
      Offers both an online extraction tool for creating subsets of data from years 1962-present or online data analysis tool.
    • CPS Utilities March Supplement/ASEC
      A DVD product with data from 1962 through 2009, available in the lower level of the DSSC (room 215)
  • Access data one survey year at a time

Other Supplements

Food Security
Child Support
School Enrollment
Tobacco Use
Contingent Work
Displaced Workers
Job Tenure
Work at Home
Computer/Internet Use
Fertility/Marital History
Occupational Mobility
Voting and Registration

      Search or browse the following sites for specific supplements

  • Selected CPS Supplement Archives, refer to CU Data Holdings for study number 3902 
  • National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) CPS Supplements 1962-present
  • ICPSR Data Catalog (search for supplement Topic then limit by CPS series)
  • Data Ferret, surveys listed by topic and for each an online interface for selecting data
  • CPS March/April Match files (constructed for data on child support and available from
    ICPSR (search for cps april match) and, for two years, in CU Data Catalog, study 1527-ALL.
  • CPS Utilities, a DVD product available in the lower level of the DSSC (room 215) with data only through 2006
    for the Workplace Topics (job tenure and displaced workers) and Education supplements.

Basic Monthly Survey

Basic Monthly Files

Outgoing Rotations

This series of files, one for each year, contains a record for all wage and salary earners in the survey for that year. Their responses were taken from the month that they left the basic survey.

  • NBER Outgoing Rotations
  • CPS Utilities Earner Study
    a DVD product with data from 1962-present, available in the lower level of the DSSC (room 215).