Columbia Resources


NVivo Workshops are set up through Columbia University in partnership with NVivo/QSR.  They are two-day workshops run by NVivo representatives who are well-versed in the features and capabilities of the software. Workshops are a great opportunity to learn the NVivo software from an expert.  The first day of the workshop is spent orienting the class to the software, and the second day focuses on helping you get the most out of the NVivo software. Typically, at the end of the second day, there is time provided for personal project questions, and this can be a great opportunity to have your more advanced questions answered.

In order to find out more about how to participate in an NVivo Workshop, please contact the reference staff at the Digital Humanties Center.

Libraries with NVivo Software

The Columbia University Libraries' Digital Centers have access to the NVivo software:

  1. Digital Social Science Center (DSSC) located in Lehman Library
  2. Digital Humanities Center (DHC) located in 305 Butler Library
  3. Digital Science Center (DSC) located in the Science & Engineering Library


Bring an external hard drive!!

It is recommended that you although you work from the project opened on the computer, you also bring an external hard drive to save the project.  In some of Columbia's Digital Centers, you may not be able to save anything directly to the computer's hard drive, and the computers that do allow you to save projects to the hard drive are periodically wiped clean.  While a flash drive may work, there is a greater risk of corruption as opposed to saving to an external hard drive.

Individual Consultation

One-on-one NVivo software consultations can be set up with Ashley Jester at the Digitial Social Science Center (DSSC) or with Bob Scott at the Digital Humanities Center (DHC).

Such sessions can provide an introduction to the software, a more advanced understanding of certain aspects of the software, or an opportunity to have specific questions about the software answered.

In order to set up a consultation, please contact Ashley, Bob, or the DHC reference staff.