Columbia locations and call numbers indicated.

General Reference

  • Africa south of the Sahara. Annual. London: Europa, 1971--
    Lehman REF: DT351.A35
    Butler REF
    Barnard REF: DT351 .A35
    Latest volume in reference departments; back issues in stacks.
    -- See also: Europa world plus. New York: Routledge; Taylor & Francis, 2007-
  • Africa today. 3rd ed. Know Africa series. London: Africa Journal, Ltd. for Africa Books, 1996.
    Lehman Stacks (Non-Circulating): DT1.A2542
  • Africa who's who. 3rd ed. Know Africa series. London: Africa Journal, Ltd. for Africa Books, 1996.
    Butler REF: RO49.2 Af825
    Lehman Stacks (Non-Circulating): DT18.A22
  • Africana: the encyclopedia of the African and African-American experience. 5 vols. Edited by Kwame Anthony Appiah and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (Oxford, UK ; New York: Oxford University Press, 2005)
    Butler REF: R960 Af8321
    Lehman REF: DT14 .A37435 2005
    African Studies Reading Room, 607 Butler: DT14 .A37435 2005
    --See also: Oxford African American studies center
  • Arnold, Guy. Political and economic encyclopaedia of Africa. Detroit, MI: Gale Research Co., c1993.
    Lehman REF: DT20.A844
  • Brockman, Norbert C. (comp.) An African biographical dictionary. 2nd ed. New York: Grey House Pub., c2006. (667 p.)
    African Studies Reading Room, 607 Butler: DT18 .B76 2006g
    Butler REF, 301 Butler: R049.2 B782
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  • Encyclopedia of the African diaspora: origins, experiences, and culture. 3 vols. Ed. by Carole Boyce Davies. (Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2008)
    African Studies Reading Room, 607 Butler: DT16.5 .E53 2008
  • Encyclopedia of African history. 3 vols. Ed. by Kevin Shillington. (New York : Fitzroy Dearborn, 2005)
    Butler REF R960 En188
    Barnard REF DT20 .E53 2005
  • How to Cite Print and Internet Resources
    --Hacker, Diana. The Bedford Handbook, 7th Edition: Research and Documentation Online.
    New York: Bedford/St. Martin's.
    --Walker, Janice R. and Todd Taylor. The Columbia Guide to Online Style. 2nd ed. New York: Columbia University Press, 2006.
    --Columbia University Libraries. How to Cite Internet Resources
  • Makers of modern Africa. 3rd ed. Know Africa series. London: Africa Journal, Ltd. for Africa books, 1996.
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  • Oxford African American Studies Center. New York: Oxford University Press, 2008-
    --Content includes: Africana (5 volumes); Encyclopedia of African American history; Black women in America--2nd edition; and, the African American national biography.
  • The Oxford encyclopedia of African thought. Editors in chief, F. Abiola Irele and Biodun Jeyifo. 2 vols.
    New York : Oxford University Press, 2010.
    African Studies Reading Rm, 607 Butler: DT14 .I74 2010
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    Butler REF: R049.2.W75


  • Cultural atlas of Africa. Ed. by Jocelyn Murray. New York: Facts on File, 1981.
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    Barnard REF: DT14.C83 1981
    Fine Arts: N7380.C899
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  • Historical atlas of Africa. Ed. by J. F. Ade Ajayi et al. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1985.
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    Lehman ATLAS collection: DT19.M87 1990

Ideas of Africa

Guides on African archaeology, art, film, literature, & music

  • African Diaspora and African Literatures at Columbia University Libraries (A bibliography of resources in print and on the Internet)
  • African Oral Tradition, History and Literature at Columbia University Libraries (A bibliography of resources in print, electronic, and audio-visual formats.)
  • African writers. Ed. by C. Brian Cox. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, c1997. 2 v.
    Butler REF: R897.8 Af83 v. 1-2
    Barnard: PL8010 .A453 1997 v. 1-2
  • Armes, Roy. Dictionary of African filmmakers. (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, c2008)
    Butler REF: R809.22 Ar54
  • The Arts of Africa: an annotated bibliography. 5 v. Ed. by Janet Stanley, The Smithsonian Institution, Libraries, National Museum of African Art Branch. Atlanta, GA : African Studies Association,1986-1991.
    Fine Arts REF: N1 Ar777
  • The companion to African literatures. Ed. by Douglas Killam, Ruth Rowe. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2000.
    Butler REF: R897.8 C738
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Ethiopia & Eritrea

  • Abbink, J. Eritreo-Ethiopian studies in society and history: a aupplementary bibliography 1960-1995. Leiden, The Netherlands: African Studies Center, 1996.
    Butler REF: R016.963 Ab197
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    no. 250
    . Boston, MA: African Studies Center, Boston University, c2004.
    Lehman stacks: DT1 .W67 no.250
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    For the Dogon, see books listed in CLIO, check General guides on African archaeology, etc., and check journals listed in Selected Journals, especially African Arts.

Africans Abroad and Returned


  • Encyclopedia Zimbabwe. Harare, Zimbabwe: Quest Pub., 1987.
    Lehman REF: DT962.E53 1987
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Writers as Public Intellectuals

  • Dictionary of literary biography yearbook 1986. Detroit: Gale Research, 1987.
    Butler REF : R040 D565
    Barnard REF: PS129 .D5
    See entry on Wole Soyinka.
  • Gibbs, James. Wole Soyinka: a bibliography of primary and secondary sources. Bibliographies and indexes in Afro-American and African studies; no. 7. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1986.
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    See entry for Chinua Achebe.
  • Twentieth century Caribbean and Black African writers, second series: Dictionary of literary biography, v. 125. Ed. by B. Lindfors and R. Sanders. Detroit: Gale Research 1993.
    Butler REF : R040 D564 v.125
    Barnard REF: PS129.D5 v.125
    See entry for Wole Soyinka.

    For Abbé Boilat, Sembène Ousmane, and other figures and topics, see Historical dictionary of Senegal (1994). Also: General Reference, and General guides on African archaeology, etc..

Selected Journals

Note: Recent issues of these journals are found in the current periodicals reading room of the library indicated in brackets. Older issues are bound and arranged by call number in the stacks. Check CLIO for call numbers! Back issues (3 years or older) for a few titles below are also available online via JSTOR--African Studies.

  • Africa Confidential. (London) [ LEHMAN ]
    A bi-monthly summary of news, with some brief analysis.) For Columbia only: 1998 to 2006 (via Wiley/EBSCO) -and- 2007 to present (via the publisher)
  • African Affairs. (London) [ LEHMAN ]
    A scholarly journal of politics and history. For Columbia only 2000 to present online. (via EBSCO)
  • African Archaeological Review. (Cambridge)
    [ BUTLER stacks only]
    A scholarly journal of archaeology and history.
  • African Arts. (Los Angeles) [ FINE ARTS ]
    A scholarly magazine on contemporary African art and art history. For Columbia only: 1998 to present online (via WilsonWeb Art Full Text).
  • African Studies Review. (Atlanta) [ LEHMAN ]
    The scholarly journal of the African Studies Association of the United States. See also: 2005 to present (via Project Muse)
  • ASA News. (Atlanta) [ LEHMAN ]
    The official quarterly newsletter of the African Studies Association of the United States.
    For Columbia only: online since 2007 (via Black Studies Center)
  • Azania. (Nairobi) [ BUTLER stacks only ]
    The scholarly journal of the British Institute in Eastern Africa, featuring research in the archaeology and history of Eastern Africa.
  • Canadian Journal of African Studies. (Montreal) [ LEHMAN ]
    The scholarly journal of the Canadian African Studies Association.
  • International Journal of African Historical Studies. (Boston) [ BUTLER ]
    The scholarly journal of the African Studies Center of Boston University.
  • Jeune Afrique L'Intelligent. (Paris) [ LEHMAN ]
    A weekly news magazine in French.
  • Journal of African History. (Cambridge) [ BUTLER; BARNARD; LEHMAN--through 1998 only ]
    For Columbia only: 1997 to present online.
  • Journal of Modern African Studies. (London) [LEHMAN; BARNARD]
    African contemporary politics and political history journal. For Columbia only1997 to present online.
  • New African. (London) [ BUSINESS ]
    A monthly news magazine. For Columbia only: see also, 1998 to present online.
  • Research in African Literatures. (Bloomington, IN) [ BUTLER ]
    One of the most important scholarly journals in African literary studies. For Columbia only: See also,  Project Muse for current issues of the electronic version of this title.

Compiled by Dr. Yuusuf S. Caruso
African Studies Librarian, Columbia University