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  • 5th Annual African Development Finance Conference and Awards 2003, 8-9 October 2003, Johannesburg, South Africa (via Africa Centre for Investment Analysis, University of Stellenbosch, Bellville, South Africa)
  • Highway Africa 2003 Conference, 8-10 September, Grahamstown, South Africa (South Africa)
    • "Highway Africa is a major continental conference on new media issues for journalists, which aims to bring African media into the centre of debates about the Global Information Society. It includes panel discussions and debates, as well hands-on skills training workshops. The seventh year of this annual meeting of the African journalism community is organised by the Rhodes University Department of Journalism and Media Studies in Grahamstown, South Africa and co-hosted by the SABC."
    • Conferences 1997-2002
  • 19th International Political Science Association World Congress, Durban, South Africa, 29 June - 4 July 2003: "Democracy, Tolerance, Justice: challenges for political change" (IPSA, Canada)
    This site offers general information, the program, and an index of participants; plus, a link to the IPSA home page.
  • TAMA 2003 South Africa--Technology in Advanced Management Applications Conference, 17-21 February 2003, Pretoria, South Africa: "Multilingual Knowledge and Technology Transfer."
    This website contains general information, thematic outlines and the programme. Warning: no abstracts.
  • World Economic Forum: Reports from the Africa Economic Summit, June 2003, Durban, South Africa...and WEF Annual Meetings since 1999(Geneva, Switzerland)
    • This site includes summaries of the discussions and information about the participants, plus overall reports. "The WEF is a business-centered organization acting as an interface with all stakeholders in society...membership is primarily drawn from the world's 1,000 leading global companies..."
    • WEF Home Page (General)

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  • "Academic Partnerships with South Africans for Mutual Capacity Building," October 18-21, 1998: an international conference presented by Michigan State University; to be held in East Lansing, Michigan; in collaboration with Historically Disadvantaged Institutions Forum--Committee on Technikon Principals & South African Universities' Vice Chancellors' Association. (H-Net, Michigan State University)
    "The conference is limited to 250 participants from universities, educational associations, donors, and government agencies from South Africa, Europe, and North America." To register, use the online form.
  • Africa Telecom '98: May 4-9, 1998, in Johannesburg, South Africa. (via International Telecommunication Union, a UN specialized agency, Geneva, Switzerland)
    An exhibition and forum for communications technologies. Previous Africa TELECOMs have taken place in Cairo, Egypt in 1994, Harare, Zimbabwe in 1990, and Nairobi, Kenya in 1986.
  • African Renaissance Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa, 28-29 September 1998: Misc. Papers (Sponsored by Mafube Publishing, SABC 2 and the Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr. Thabo Mbeki)
  • "The Challenge to be Relevant in the 21st Century": Annual Conference of the International Association of Technological University Libraries. To be held at the University of Pretoria, South Africa, June 1-7, 1998.
    Call for papers & general invitation. Deadline for proposals: November 15, 1997.
  • 12th Non Aligned Movement Summit, 29 August - 3 September 1998, Durban, South Africa (Republic of South Africa, Department of Foreign Affairs)
    This site offers general information about the summit and links of interest for visitors, NAM supporters, and South African research topics. See the Final NAM Statement. PDF format
  • Southern African Association of Archaeologists Conference, 25-28 April 2000 -- Plenary Session Papers ("Archaeology 2000: The Nature of Archaeology in the New Millenium" Conference, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa)
    Full papers from the plenary sessions by Martin Hall, Janette Deacon, Johan Binneman, Aron Mazel, and A.B. Esterhuysen; plus information about the conference and post-conference excursion -- see the conference home page.