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Elections in South Asia



  • The 13th Election of India's Lok Sabha (House of the People)
    By Phillip Oldenburg, Columbia University. New York: The Asia Society, Sept. 1999.
  • 1999 Indian Parliamentary Elections...
    By Robert Hardgrave, University of Texas.
  • Indian Elections '99
    "BBC News Online's special coverage includes latest news and features, a guide to the main election battlegrounds with state-by-state details, parties and personalities, key links and best audio and video."
  • Elections in India (
  • Elections '98 [India]
    News, views, interviews, chat, music and poetry about the elections, from Rediff-on-the-Net (Indian news and entertainment e-zine)
  • Election Commission of India
    Site contains detailed information on states, parties, polls, candidates, election returns, etc.



  • Elections in Pakistan (

Sri Lanka

  • Department of Elections (Govt. of Sri Lanka)
  • Elections in Sri Lanka (
  • Parliamentary General Election - 2000 (Government Information Department)

Security & International Relations

  • IPCS: Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
    An independent New Delhi think-tank on South Asian military and security issues. Directed by former military officers and Defense Ministry staffers. Website includes a large archive of abstracts of news reports, editorials and opinion pieces by various specialists. Articles are archived monthly, back to 1998.
  • SAAG: South Asia Analysis Group
    An Indian think-tank group, with notes, analyses, papers, updates, on all aspects of Indian security issues and international relations. Analysts include B. Raman (retired Addtional Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India, and presently Director of the Institute for Topical Studies, Channai), S. Gopal (former Special Secretary, Govt. of India), Dr. S. Chandrasekharan, C.S. Kuppuswamy (former Director of the Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India), and others.
  • SAND: South Asia Nuclear Dialog (Nautilus Institute for Security & Sustainable Development)
    Weekly bulletins, reports and updates on nuclear issues in South Asia. "The South Asia Nuclear Dialogue Network (SANDNet) aims to bring together officials, NGO representatives, scholars, and others working to advance peace and security in South Asia. SANDNet weekly email and web updates provide news summaries, analysis, and discussion mainly from the South Asian press. SANDNet also serves as a repository for security-related government documents, substantial policy statements, and links to other high-quality web pages that focus on regional nuclear and security issues."
  • SAPRA: Security & Political Risk Analysis - India
    "SAPRA INDIA is a New Delhi based, private sector, independent think tank which focuses on peace/conflict studies, political & Business risk, terrorism and security related issues pertinent to the South Asian context. SAPRA India looks at all of these from an "Indian point" of view. Specifically, it analyses trends, events or findings in the military, external, political and business fronts that could impact on India at the strategic level.
  • SASSU: South Asia Strategic Security Unit (National University of Science and Technology, [Islamabad], Pakistan)
    Formerly under the auspices of Department of Peace Studies, University of Bradford, UK, till February 2006. (See letter from Bradford, explaining the transfer to NUST).
  • SAPT: South Asia Terrorism Portal
    Site contains "information, data, commentary, research, critical assessment and analysis on terrorism, low intensity warfare and sectarian strife in South Asia. It includes current assessments of major conflicts in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, backgrounders, timelines, terrorist profiles, documents, critical writings, data and daily news updates. SATP is a project executed by the Institute for Conflict Management, a non-governmental, non-profit organisation headquartered at Delhi. The Website also includes free access to the Institute's quarterly research journal, Faultlines: Writings on Conflict & Resolution."
  • Brookings Institution: Research on South Asia
    Documents, policy briefs, full-text interviews and online chats with diplomats and policy-makers, all focussed on South Asian international relations with the US, from the political perspectives of the Brookings Institution.
  • Datta, Rekha. At the Crossroads, on the Web: Electronic Resources on India-Pakistan Security Issues (Teaching South Asia 1.1, Winter 2001).
    A rich, pedagogically useful portal of links to security related websites.