NGOs, Societies, Social Action Groups & other organizations on South Asia

  • AIPSG: Association of Indian Progressive Study Groups
  • Ambedkar Centre for Justice and Peace (ACJP)
  • Apna Ghar (South Asian Women's Domestic Violence Shelter, Illinois, USA)
  • The Asia Society
  • Breakthrough TV
    An international NGO headquartered in Delhi, devoted to "building human rights culture". It uses education and popular culture (e.g. music videos, radio television) to promote public awareness and dialog about human rights and social justice, with special reference to India. Main agendas: "supporting women's dreams,... enhancing sexual wellbeing and health,... encouraging peace and religious harmony,... and promoting racial, ethnic and caste equality."
  • Center for Study of Culture and Society (Bangalore, India)
  • ETC: Educate the Children, Nepal
  • Global Information Infrastructure Commission: India Conference Report, March 2002
  • Hoshyar Foundation
    A Texas-based NGO to promot secular education for girl children in Afghanistan and South Asia.
  • ICIMOD: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (Kathmandu)
    "An international independent mountain learning and knowledge centre committed to improving the sustainable livelihoods of mountain peoples in the extended Himalayan region. ICIMOD serves eight regional member countries of the Hindu Kush-Himalayan area – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan – and the global mountain community."
  • ISADABBI: International Society Against Dowry and Bride Burning in India
  • Katha (Education, literacy, literature and social action, in India)
  • Mahashakti Seva Kendra (Indian NGO for women's uplift)
  • MahilaWeb: sharing resources on Women and Gender in Nepal
  • National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (India)
  • NIRMAN (Varanasi)
  • Pratham (Indian Education NGO)
  • ProPoor
    This reference tool is a searchable database of "extensive information regarding NGOs across South Asia...expanding database contains relevant information regarding the activities of several thousand NGOs...[including] Organizations, Individuals, Projects, Publications, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Newsletters, Project Reports, Success Stories, Employment Opportunities and Links to NGO sites..."
  • RCSS: Regional Centre for Strategic Studies (Colombo)
    An "independent, non-profit and non-governmental organization for collaborative research, networking and interaction on strategic and international issues pertaining to South Asia. Themes relating to regional security, conflicts and co-operation constitute the principal focus of work."
  • SAJA: South Asian Journalists Association
  • SAKHI for South Asian Women
    "Celebrating survival, strength and sisterhood. Build a society where women can live without fear and abuse." Sakhi for South Asian Women is a community-based organization in the New York metropolitan area committed to ending the exploitation and violence against women of South Asian origin.
  • SAPHA: South Asian Public Health Association (Baltimore)
    Mission is to "provide a forum for mentorship, dialogue and resource-sharing among public health professionals working with South Asian communities [in the US]; advance the leadership, networking and professional development of South Asian public health professionals; Raise awareness of health risks and encourage healthy behavior among South Asians; Increase awareness of the value of culturally-appropriate services for South Asians in the United States; Encourage and support research and academic communities interested in South Asian health issues"
  • SAWNet: South Asian Women's Network
  • Seva Service Society (Canada)
  • SEWA: Self Employed Women's Association
  • Spinal Injury Sangha Nepal
  • SPUR: Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights for Sri Lanka (Australia)
  • Tamil Heritage Foundation
  • US Committee for Refugees
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