SARAI South Asia In-Process List

This is a raw, mostly-unsorted, unevaluated listing of South Asia-related internet resources that are considered an in-process backlog. As these items are sorted, evaluated, selected, and annotated, they will be removed from this list, and added to the various structured menus of SARAI. If you are aware of any new resources on South Asia that should be brought into SARAI, please notify me (David Magier) and I will first add them to this list, and later move them into the appropriate slots within SARAI. Thank you.

S.A. Regional


Bangladesh - Demographic Health Surveys



Indian Elections & Government Links

  • Times of India Election Special
  • Press Information Bureau - Election Info
  • Indian Express: Elections '96
  • Parliamentary, Budget & other government links (National Informatics Centre)

Indian Languages

State, Regional, & Local Pages


  • Nepal Home Page (Dartmouth)
  • Kathmandu Home Page (Grinnell)
  • Nepal Info Home Page
  • Stego's Nepal related links
  • EcoTourism in the Himalayas
  • World Rulers and Leaders - Nepal
  • Nepal Hydro-Power (Trade & Environment Database)
  • Kathmandu Post
  • Internet sources on conflict & ethnicity in Nepal (INCORE)
  • The Independent
  • Nepal Digest-Foundations
  • Nepal Collection (Yahoo)
  • Nepali Literature Page (G.Mason Univ.)
  • AdmiNet - Nepal


Sri Lanka


S.A. Religion

  • Hindu Universe: Hindu Resource Center (associated with GHEN: Global Hindu Electronic Network)
  • Mohan Ayyar's Hindu Image Library
  • Websites people use for conducting Darshan online:
    • Hindu Sacred Space on Aermican Soil (Michelle Caswell, 1996)
    • Shiva Darshan
      Digital avatar, Shiva darshan, Shiva movie, aum sound, etc., maintained by a photography professor who keeps track of geographic location of viewers
    • Images of Sai Baba ("Please download")
  • Sacred Cyberspace (list compiled by Michelle Caswell):
    • Sri Rajarajeswari Peetam (a Rochester temple devoted to the Goddess online).
    • Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami Ashram (Saiva Siddhanta Church, based in Hawaii)
    • Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (maintained by John Cort)
  • Hindu Studies Review
  • Hinduism Today
  • Historical Gurdwaras of Punjab
  • Int'l Jour. of Tantric Studies
  • Jain Religion
  • Jain studies (DeMontfort Univ.)
  • Jain WWW Page
  • Jain Scholars and Research Centers in India and overseas
  • Religion, Hinduism (Freiburg)
  • Sikh Periodicals, Journals, Newspapers
  • Sikhism
  • VedaNet (astrology & esoterica)
  • Electronic Jour. of Vedic Studies (Milano)
  • Vedic Astrology

S.A. Music & Dance