How to Post a Job Listing to SARAI

To get a job listing onto this SARAI Academic Positions website, please do any of the following (in descending order of preference):

  1. Place your posting anywhere on your own web server, and simply send the URL to David Magier. He will place a prominent link to the posting, under a descriptive headline, on SARAI's main job postings page; or
  2. Send to David Magier an html-formatted file containing the posting. He will simply place it on the SARAI server, with a link to it on the same page as described above; or
  3. Send to David Magier a plain-text (ASCII) e-mail message (NOT a WORD or other binary attachment) containing the text of the posting. He will do some very rudimentary mark-up to turn it into an un-pretty, basic web page in no-frills html format, and post it on the SARAI server linked as above.

Option A is VERY MUCH PREFERRED over the other two.

In any case, when sending the posting, please indicate the date by which it (or the link to it) should be removed from SARAI. Or at least inform David Magier by e-mail at the time it should be removed, after the position is filled or the search is closed.

Many thanks for helping to support this voluntary South Asian studies community resource.

David Magier
South/Southeast Asia Librarian
Columbia University Libraries
Editor of SARAI