Other South Asia Resource Collections

  • DSAL: Digital South Asia Library
    A collaborative project among research libraries to bring significant new research content to the web through special, grant-funded digitization and access projects. Initiated by University of Chicago and Columbia University; hosted by the Center for Research Libraries, funded initially through the DSAL Project of the AAU/ARL Global Resources Program (now the Global Resources Network at CRL) and later through the US Department of Education and other agencies and foundations, and managed under the auspices of the Center for South Asia Libraries.
  • Tibetan & Himalayan Digital Library
    This is "an international information community based on the geographical, cultural and linguistic regions associated with Tibetan and Himalayan culture. An information community consists of the people (authors, publishers, and users), the collections (texts, images, videos, audio, and maps), and the tools provided for interacting with those collections."