South Asia Journals Indexed in the BAS (as of September 2010)

This is a partial listing of journals with South Asia-related articles that have been indexed in the Bibliography of Asian Studies, an online publication of the Association for Asian Studies. The ongoing and retrospective indexing of these journals is carried out by the Associate Editor for South Asia, and has been supported in the past by Columbia University Libraries, and grants from the South Asia National Resource Centers (Dept. of Education Title VI) of Columbia University, Cornell University, University of California Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas Austin, University of Washington, and University of Wisconsin. The South Asian indexing work had also received further support, as part of the Digital South Asia Library.

The indexing of these journals is carried out by the Associate Editor for South Asia—Dr. Aruna P. Magier—utilizing journal holdings from libraries at Columbia, Princeton, NYU, CRL, journal publishers, and other contributing partners.

Please direct specific queries about BAS South Asia indexing coverage to Dr. Magier.

  (index coverage is complete through last issue distributed, as of September 2010)
  (journal seems to have ceased publication


Abhigyan New Delhi 1985-1988
Administrator Mussorie 1976-1991
Advent Pondicherry 1973-1991
Afghanistan Kabul 1982
Afghanistan Journal Graz, Austria 1975-1981
Afghanistan: Historical and Cultural Quarterly Kabul 1975-1980
Agra University journal of Research: Letters Agra 1970-1979
Alpjan: A Chronicle of Minorities New Delhi 2000-2007
Alternatives New Delhi 1976-1991
American Asian Review Jamaica, NY 1983-2003
American Economic Review Nashville, TN 1970-2007
Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute Poona 1971-2007
Annals of the National Association of Geographers, India New Delhi 1981-1995
Annual Journal of the Department of Sociology Calcutta 1982-1989
Annual of Urdu Studies Chicago 1981-2009
Archaeology Karachi 1990-1991
Archives of Asian Art New York 1971-2007
Artha Vijnana Poona 1971-1995
Artha Vikas Vallabh Vidyanagar 1972-1995
Arthaniti Calcutta 1972-1988
Asia: the East and Southeast Jamshoro, Sind 1990
Asia: the Far East and South East Jamshoro, Sind 1986-1989
Asian Affairs London 1971-2009
Asian Affairs Dhaka 1985-2005
Asian Cinema Hamden, CT; Drexel, PA 1988-2008
Asian Economic Review Hyderabad, India 1974-2002
Asian Journal of Economics and Social Studies Delhi 1984-1991
Asian Labour New Delhi 1975-1980
Asian Music New York 1969-2008
Asian Studies Calcutta 1989-2006
Asian Studies Dhaka 1991-2007
Asian Survey Berkeley, CA 1971-2009
Asian Theatre Journal Honolulu 1984-2009
Asiatica Venetiana Italy 1996-2000
Assam Economic Journal Dibrugarh 1977-1978
Bangladesh Development Studies Dhaka 1974-2002
Bangladesh Economic Review Dhaka 1973-1974
Bangladesh Historical Studies Dhaka 1976-1981
Bangladesh Journal of Political Economy Dhaka 1989-2001
Bangladesh Journal of Public Administration Dhaka 1987-1990
Bangladesh Lalit Kala Dhaka 1975
Bangladesh Sociological Review Dhaka 1986-1995
Bengal Past and Present Calcutta 1970-2006
Bharat Manisha Quarterly Varanasi 1976-1979
Bharatiya Vidya Bombay 1972-1999
BioScope: South Asian Screen Studies New Delhi 2010-
Brahmavadin Madras 1975-1983
Brahmavidya Madras 1971-1995
Buddhist Studies Delhi 1985-1991
Bulletin: Madras Development Seminar Series Madras 1975-1991
Bulletin of the Assam State Museum Gauhati 1976-1986
Bulletin of the Deccan College Research Institute Poona 1975-1992
Bulletin of the Institute of Traditional Cultures Madras 1971-1985
Bulletin of the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture Calcutta 1975-1991
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies London 1970-2009
Bulletin of Tibetology Gangtok, Sikkim 1970-2005
Bulletin of the Victoria Memorial Calcutta 1975-1979
Calcutta Historical Journal Calcutta 1976-1990
Calcutta Journal of Political Studies Calcutta 1980-1991
Calcutta Review Calcutta 1975-1995
Central Asia Peshawar 1979-2005
Ceylon Geographer Colombo 1971-1975
Ceylon Historical Journal Dehiwala 1978-1982
Ceylon Journal of Historical and Social Studies Peradeniya 1972-1978
Chittagong University Studies: Arts Chittagong 1989-1991
Cho-Yang Dharamsala 1986-1996
Civil and Military Law Journal New Delhi 1975
Colloquim Panaji, Goa 1978-1979
Comercio Exterior Mexico 1975-1977
Communicatio Socialis Yearbook Indore 1981-1990
Community Development and Panchayati Raj Digest
(Title change: Rural Development Digest)
Hyderabad 1975-1977
Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East Durham, NC 1996-2009
Concept Islamabad 1982-1990
Contemporary Affairs New Delhi 1987-1988
Contemporary South Asia Oxford, U.K. 1992-2010
Contributions to Indian Sociology Delhi 1961-2009
Contributions to Nepalese Studies Kirtipur, Nepal 1975-2003
Counterpoint Calcutta 1977-1978
Darshan International Moradabad 1975-1991
Deccan Geographer Secunderabad 1971-1991
Deccan Studies Hyderabad 2002-2008
Defence Journal Karachi 1975-1993
Democracies Patna 1986-1990
Dhaka University Studies: Part A Dhaka 1987-1990
Dibrugarh University Journal of English Studies Dibrugarh, Assam 1978
Eastern Anthropologist Lucknow 1970-1991
Eastern Economist New Delhi 1970-1984
Eastern Journal of International Law Madras 1975-1979
Economic Affairs Calcutta 1971-1991
Economic Journal Lahore 1971-1991
Economic Outlook Karachi 1990-1991
Economic Review Karachi 1970-1996
Economic Studies Calcutta 1971-1991
Economic and Business Review New Delhi 1975-1992
Economic and Political Weekly Bombay 1970-1993
Education About Asia Ann Arbor, MI 1996-2009
Education Quarterly New Delhi 1971-1980
Emerging Sociology Meerut 1980-1984
Eure Revista Latino Americana de Estudies Urbane Regimales Chile 1983
Fem Mexico 1978-1989
Folklore Calcutta 1971-1991
Foreign Affains Journal Kathmandu 1977
Foreign Affairs Reports New Delhi 1971-1995
Gandhi Marg New Delhi 1971-1991
Gaveshana Agra 1987-1991
Geographer Aligarh 1971-1994
Geographical Journal of Nepal Kathmandu 1978-1981
Geographical Review of India Calcutta 1971-1978
Glimpses of Kashmir Culture Srinagar 1975-1982
Gomal University Journal of Research Dera Ismail Khan 1987-2006
Government Jamshoro 1987-1993
Guru Nanak Journal of Sociology Amritsar 1980-1994
Hamdard Islamicus Karachi 1978-1990
Haryana Review Chandigarh 1975
Herald of Library Science Varanasi 1971-1977
Himal Southasian Kathmandu 1994-2010
Historia Madurai 1981
Human Science Calcutta 1983-1989
Humanities Review New Delhi 1979-1983
Illustrated Weekly of India Bombay 1971-1990
India Defence Review New Delhi 1991
India International Centre Quarterly New Delhi 1974-2005
India Past and Present Bombay 1984-1988
India Quarterly New Delhi 1971-1997
India Review Oxford 2002-2010
Indian Advocate New Delhi 1971-1975
Indian Agriculturist Calcutta 1975-1979
Indian and Foreign Review New Delhi 1971-1988
Indian Anthropologist Delhi 1971-2010
Indian Cooperative Review New Delhi 1971-1995
Indian Economic and Social History Review Delhi 1970-2010
Indian Economic Journal Bombay 1971-1996
Indian Economic Review Delhi 1971-1991
Indian Geographical Journal Madras 1971-1991
Indian Historical Review New Delhi 1974-2008
Indian History Congress: Proceedings Delhi 1981-1990
Indian Horizons New Delhi 1974-1991
Indian Journal of Adult Education New Delhi 1970-1996
Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics Bombay 1971-1991
Indian Journal of American Studies Hyderabad 1969-1993
Indian Journal of Applied Psychology Madras 1971-1990
Indian Journal of Asian Studies Varanasi 1990
Indian Journal of Buddhist Studies Varanasi 1989-1998
Indian Journal of Commerce Patna 1971-1989
Indian Journal of Economics Allahabad 1971-1990
Indian Journal of English Studies Bombay 1975-1989
Indian Journal of Gender Studies New Delhi 1994-2010
Indian Journal of History of Science New Delhi 1972-2001
Indian Journal of Human Development New Delhi 2007-2010
Indian Journal of Industrial Relations New Delhi 1970-1991
Indian Journal of International Law New Delhi 1971-1975
Indian Journal of Linguistics Calcutta 1974-2007
Indian Journal of Physical Anthropology and Human Genetics Lucknow 1975-1991
Indian Journal of Political Science Chandigarh 1971-1994
Indian Journal of Politics Aligarh 1972-1995
Indian Journal of Psychology New Delhi 1971-1990
Indian Journal of Social Research Meerut 1970-2003
Indian Journal of Social Science New Delhi 1988-1994
Indian Journal of Social Work Bombay 1971-1982
Indian Labour Journal Delhi 1971-1991
Indian Left Review New Delhi 1975-1976
Indian Librarian Jullundur 1970-1977
Indian Linguistics Poona 1971-2008
Indian Literature New Delhi 1971-1991
Indian Museum Bulletin Calcutta 1988-1991
Indian P.E.N. Bombay 1975-1996
Indian Philosophical Annual Madras 1974-1990
Indian Philosophy & Culture Vrindaban 1971-1975
Indian Police Journal New Delhi 1975-1991
Indian Political Science Review Delhi 1971-1985
Indian Psychological Review Agra 1976-1991
Indian Review Madras 1972-1981
Indica Bombay 1971-2007
Indo-British Review Madras 1971-1990
Indo-Iranian Journal The Hague 1971-2010
Indo-Iranica Calcutta 1971-1994
Industrial Situation in India Calcutta 1975-1977
Interaction Varanasi 1987-1991
International Journal of Asian Studies New Delhi 1981-1984
International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics Trivandrum 1975-2008
International Journal of Hindu Studies Quebec 1997
International Journal of South Asian Studies New Delhi; Kyoto 2008-
International Review of History and Political Science Meerut 1976-1989
International Studies Delhi 1973-2000
Iqbal Lahore 1971-1992
Iqbal Review Karachi 1972-1991
Islam and the Modern Age New Delhi 1971-1996
Islamic Culture Hyderabad 1970-1991
Islamic Studies Islamabad 1975-1979
Jadavpur Journal of Comparative Literature Calcutta 1974-1995
Jain Journal Calcutta 1975-1991
Jaina Antiquary Arrah, Bihar 1976-1991
Journal of Ancient Indian History Calcutta 1970-1989
Journal of Arts & Ideas New Delhi 1982-1991
Journal of Asian and African Studies Leiden 1970-2009
Journal of Bangladesh Studies Bellevue, WA 1999-2009
Journal of Bhutan Studies Thimphu 1999-2008
Journal of Central Asia Islamabad 1978-1995
Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics Sambsalpur 1989-1990
Journal of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies New Delhi 1971-1995
Journal of Dharma Bangalore 1975-1991
Journal of Development Studies Peshawar 1979-1991
Journal of Development and Administrative Studies Kathmandu 1978-2000
Journal of Education & Psychology Vallabh Vidyanagar 1975-1977
Journal of Educational Research and Extension Coimbatore 1975
Journal of Family Welfare Bombay 1971-1998
Journal of Gender and Social Issues Rawalpindi 2001-2006
Journal of Government Political Studies Patiala 1976-1991
Journal of Haryana Studies Kurukshetra 1975-1991
Journal of Himalayan Studies & Regional Development Srinagar 1978-1986
Journal of Historical Research Ranchi 1971-1995
Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (Scottish Church College) Kolkata 2004-2009
Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research New Delhi 1984-1991
Journal of Indian History Trivandrum 1969-1987
Journal of Indian Philosophy Dordrecht, Holland 1970-2010
Journal of Indian Psychology Waltaire, A.P. 1986-2000
Journal of Indian School of Political Economy Pune 1989-2001
Journal of Industry and Trade New Delhi 1975-1976
Journal of Institute of Economic Research Dharwar 1975-1991
Journal of Kerala Studies Trivandrum 1976-1983
Journal of Manuscript Studies Trivandrum 1983-1991
Journal of North-East India Council for Social Science Shillong 1982-1991
Journal of Parliamentary Information New Delhi 1971-1991
Journal of Political Economy Chicago 1970-2006
Journal of Political Science Lahore 1978-1993
Journal of Political Studies Jullundur 1970-1990
Journal of Psychological Research Madras 1969-1984
Journal of Regional History Amritsar 1980-1984
Journal of Research: Humanities Lahore 1976-1989
Journal of Rural Development & Administration Peshawar 1972-1995
Journal of Rural Development Hyderabad 1982-1994
Journal of Sanskrit Academy Hyderabad 1987-1991
Journal of Shivaji University: Humanities Kolhapur 1975-1983
Journal of Social Research Ranchi 1971-1990
Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities Karachi 1984-1985
Journal of Social Studies Dhaka 1978-1998
Journal of Sociological Studies Jodhpur 1987-1990
Journal of South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Villanova 1977-1995
Journal of South Asian Literature East Lansing, MI 1973-1995
Journal of State Politics and Administration Burla, Sambalpur 1978-1982
Journal of Tamil Studies Madras 1970-2004
Journal of the Academy of Indian Numismatic & Sigillography Indore 1988-1990
Journal of the Andhra Pradesh Historical Research Society Hyderabad 1974-1986
Journal of the Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences Hyderabad 1976-1977
Journal of the Annamalai University P.T.A.: Humanities Annamalai Nagar 1975-1990
Journal of the Anthropological Survey of India Calcutta 1990-1995
Journal of the Asiatic Society Calcutta 1975-1995
Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh Dhaka 1975-1981
Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh: Humanities Dhaka 1989-2008
Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bombay Bombay 1972-1996
Journal of the Assam Research Society Gauhati 1968-1990
Journal of the Bangladesh Insurance Academy Dhaka 1975
Journal of the Bihar Puravid Parishad Patna 1971-1988
Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society Bombay 1976-1977
Journal of the Department of Pali Calcutta 1982-1988
Journal of the Ganganath Jha Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha Allahabad 1971-1989
Journal of the Gujarat Research Society Bombay 1971-1983
Journal of the Indian Academy of Philosophy Calcutta 1975-1991
Journal of the Indian Anthropological Society Calcutta 1971-2004
Journal of the Indian Society of Oriental Art Calcutta 1985-2005
Journal of the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses New Delhi 1971-1978
Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies Madras 1984-1996
Journal of the Institute of Bangladesh Studies Rajshahi 1976-2008
Journal of the Institute of Bankers in Pakistan Karachi 1975-1991
Journal of the Institute of Public Administration Lucknow 1988-1991
Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies Northfield, MN 1987-2005
Journal of the Japanese Association for South Asian Studies Tokyo 1989-2006
Journal of the K.R. Cama Oriental Institute Bombay 1976-2004
Journal of the Karnatak University: Humanities Dharwar 1972-1987
Journal of the Karnatak University: Social Sciences Dharwar 1975-1987
Journal of the Kerala University Oriental Research Institute
and Manuscripts Library
Trivandrum 1975-1978
Journal of the Madras University: Humanities Madras 1969-1989
Journal of the Music Academy Madras 1975-1981
Journal of the Mysore University, Section A: Arts Mysore 1975-1990
Journal of the Nepal Research Centre: Humanities Kathmandu 1977-2001
Journal of the Numismatic Society of India Varanasi 1972-1991
Journal of the Oriental Institute Baroda 1970-2005
Journal of the Pakistan Historical Society Karachi 1971-2009
Journal of the Punjab University Historical Society Lahore 1977-1986
Journal of the Rajasthan Institute of Historical Research Jaipur 1975-1983
Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan Lahore 1975-1991
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society London 1970-2001
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka Colombo 1983-2008
Journal of the Society for Study of State Governments Varanasi 1971-1975
Journal of the United Service Institution of India New Delhi 1975-1991
Journal of the University of Bombay Arts:
Humanities and Social Sciences
Bombay 1975-1984
Journal of Third World Studies Americus, GA 1993-1994
Kailash Kathmandu 1973-1995
Kakatiya Journal of English Studies Warrangal, India 1976-1991
Kalyani Kelaniya, Sri Lanka 1982-1994
Kerala Sociologist Trivandrum 1977-1979
Khadi Gramodyog Bombay 1971-1991
Kurukshetra University Research Journal: Arts and Humanities Kurukshetra 1972-1991
Lahore Museum Bulletin Lahore 1988-1991
Lalit Kala New Delhi 1985-1990
Lalit Kala Contemporary New Delhi 1971-1991
Law and Social Problems Pondicherry 1977-1978
Literary Criterion Mysore 1976-1991
Literary Half-Yearly Mysore 1971-1991
Lokayan Bulletin Delhi 1987-1997
Maha Bodhi Calcutta 1971-1991
Malyalam Literary Survey Trichur 1977-1991
Man & Development Chandighar 1985-1991
Man in India Ranchi 1971-2009
Man and Life Calcutta 1988-1991
Management in Government New Delhi 1988-1990
Management Pakistan Karachi 1979-1987
Manas Delhi 1975-1990
Manav Bhubaneshwar 1982-1993
Manthan New Delhi 1978-1992
Manushi New Delhi 1979-2006
Marg Bombay 1971-1996
Marga Colombo 1980-1990
Margin New Delhi 1971-1991
Mass Media in India New Delhi 1988-1990
Minaret Karachi 1975-1978
Mira Poona 1975
Modern Review Calcutta 1971-1987
Modern Sri Lanka Studies Peraderiya 1986
Monthly Public Opinion Surveys New Delhi 1971-1996
Mountain Path Tiruvannamalai 1988-1991
Mysore Economic Review Bangalore 1971-1991
Nagarlok New Delhi 1985-1993
Nagpur University Journal: Humanities Nagpur 1974-1985
National Christian Council Review Mysore 1975-1991
National Development and Security Rawalpindi 1993-1997
National Geographical Journal of India Varanasi 1971-1995
Nava Samskrti: Cultural Quarterly Colombo 1986-1987
Nepalese Development Studies Biratnagar 1985-1988
Nepalese Political Science and Politics: Annual Journal Kathmandu 1994-1998
Nepali Journal of Contemporary Studies Kathmandu 2001-2009
New Quest Poona 1977-1991
Nirnay Ahmedabad 1988-1991
Nivedini Sri Lanka 1996-1998
North-East Quarterly Dibrugarh, Assam 1982-1987
Occasional Papers in Sociology and Anthropology Kathmandu 1987-1996
Oracle Calcutta 1979-1990
Oriental College Magazine Lahore 1976-2009
Orissa Historical Research Journal Bhubaneshwar 1975-1992
Osmania Journal of English Studies Hyderabad 1987-1990
Osmania Journal of Social Sciences Hyderabad 1981
Pakistan Administration Lahore 1978-1999
Pakistan Archaeology Karachi 1973-1991
Pakistan Archives Islamabad 1989-1991
Pakistan Development Review Islamabad 1971-2002
Pakistan Economic and Social Review Lahore 1975-2009
Pakistan Horizon Karachi 1971-2003
Pakistan Illustrated Weekly Karachi 1989-1991
Pakistan Journal of History and Culture Islamabad 1980-2009
Pakistan Journal of Psychology Karachi 1975-1990
Pakistan Management Review Karachi 1975
Pakistan Philosophical Journal Lahore 1972-1989
Pakistan Pictorial Islamabad 1987-1991
Pakistan Studies Quetta 1991
Panjab Past and Present Patiala 1972-1991
Panjab University Journal of Medieval Indian Literature Chandigarh 1977-1983
Panjab University Law Review Chandigarh 1978-1980
Panjab University Research Bulletin Chandigarh 1971-1991
Political Science Annual New Delhi 1992-1996
Political Science Review Jaipur 1971-1990
Political Scientist Ranchi 1971-1980
Population Review La Jolla, CA 1979-1991
Prabuddha Bharat Calcutta 1971-1990
PSE Economic Analyst Amritsar 1980-1983
Psychological Studies Mysore 1971-1991
P.U. Management Review Chandigarh 1980-1992
Public Administration Review Lahore 1975-1990
Punjab History Conference: Proceedings Patiala 1975-1991
Punjab Journal of Politics Amritsar 1977-1990
Purabhilekh Puratatva Panaji, Goa 1983-1989
Purana Varanasi 1971-1991
Puratattva: Bulletin of the Indian Archaeological Society Varanasi 1970-2008
Quarterly Economic Report New Delhi 1975-1991
Quarterly Journal of Economics New York 1971-1985
Quarterly Journal of the Local Self-Government Institute Bombay 1975-1991
Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society Bangalore 1968-2008
Quarterly Review of Historical Studies Calcutta 1970-2006
Rajasthan Economic Journal Jaipur 1977-1990
Ramjham Kathmandu 1972-1980
Regional Studies Islamabad 1982-1998
Research Journal Peshawar 1990-1991
Research Journal of Philosophy and Social Sciences Meerut 1975-1991
Reserve Bank of India Occasional Papers Bombay 1988-1991
Review of Economics and Statistics Cambridge 1971-2007
Review of Religions Rabwah, Pakistan 1975-1978
Roopa-Lekha New Delhi 1971-1988
Rural Development Digest Hyderabad 1978-1981
Rural India Bombay 1972-1991
SAGAR: South Asia Graduate Research Journal Austin, TX 1994-1997
Saiva Siddhanta Madras 1975-1990
Sangeet Natak New Delhi 1971-1997
Science and Culture Calcutta 1971-1991
Scrutiny Islamabad 1978
Seminar New Delhi 1970-1999
Sevartham Ranchi 1982-1991
Sikh Review Calcutta 1975-1990
Sind Quarterly Karachi 1977-1991
Sind University Research Journal:
Arts Series Humanities and Social Sciences
Jamshore 1974-1990
Sindhological Studies Jamshore 1978-1989
Sirius Islamabad 1975-1976
Social Action New Delhi 1971-1996
Social Change New Delhi 1971-1997
Social Defence New Delhi 1975-1987
Social Research Shillong, India 1981-1990
Social Science Review Dhaka 1976-1988
Social Scientist New Delhi 1972-1995
Society and Change Calcutta 1987-1992
Society and Culture Calcutta 1975-1981
Sociological Bulletin New Delhi 1971-1991
South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies Nedlands, Australia 1971-2010
South Asia Bulletin Albany, NY 1982-1995
South Asia New Delhi 1987-1992
South Asia Research London 1981-2010
South Asian Anthropologist Ranchi 1980-2006
South Asian Disapora London 2009-
South Asian History and Culture Oxford 2010-
South Asian Journal Lahore 2002-2007
South Asian Popular Culture London 2003-2010
South Asian Social Scientist Madras 1988-1990
South Asian Studies Jaipur 1971-1994
South Asian Studies London 1985-2008
South Asian Survey New Delhi 1977
South Indian History Congress: Proceedings Madurai 1980
South Indian Studies Kerala 1996
Southern Economist Bangalore 1975-1979
Spectra of Anthropological Progress Delhi 1978-1989
Sri Lanka Journal of Agrarian Studies Colombo 1982-1983
Sri Lanka Journal of Development Administration Colombo 1988-1989
Sri Lanka Journal of Social Sciences Colombo 1984-2005
Sri Lanka Journal of the Humanities Peradeniya 1975-2008
Sri Venkateswara University Oriental Journal Tirupati 1982-1988
Staff Studies Colombo 1975
State and Society Kottayam 1983-1987
State Bank of India Monthly Review Bombay 1975
Studies in Family Planning NY 1971-2006
Studies in History New Delhi 1979-2009
Studies in Indo Asian Art and Culture New Delhi 1975-1980
Studies in Language Learning IL 1976
Studies in Nepali History and Society Kathmandu 1996-2007
Studies in Sikhism and Comparative Religion New Delhi 1982-1991
Studies in the Linguistic Sciences IL 1973-1997
Studies of the Kashmir Council of Research Srinagar 1976-1978
Survey of Sri Lankan Law Colombo 1980-1981
Swarajya Annual Number Madras 1975-1977
Tamil Nadu Journal of Co-operation Madras 1975-1977
Tattvaloka Journal of Vedanta Bangalore 1985-1991
Teaching Politics Delhi 1976-1991
Telegu Vaani Hyderabad 1976-1979
Theosophist Madras 1975-1991
Tibet Journal Dharamsala 1975-2006
Tibetan Review New Delhi 1972-2006
Times of India Annual Bombay 1975-1979
Today New Delhi 1979
Tribe Udaipur 1975-1981
Triventi Madras 1971-1991
University of Colombo Review Colombo 1981-1986
Upanathi Colombo 1987-1988
Urban India New Delhi 1989-1995
Vanyajati New Delhi 1975-1991
Vedanta Kesari Madras 1971-1990
Vidura New Delhi 1971-1989
Vidya Bharathi Bangalore 1975-1988
Vidyodaya: Journal of the Arts, Science and Letters Nugegeda 1984-1986
Vikalpa Ahmedabad 1976-1991
Vishveshvaranand Indological Journal Hoshiarpur 1975-1989
Vision Bhubaneshwar 1985-1991
Vision Lahore 1990-1991
Visvabharati Quarterly Santiniketan 1971-1999
Voice of History Kirtipur, Nepal 1975-1976
Voice of Islam Karachi 1975
Voice of Sankara Madras 1988-1990
Washington Quarterly Washington D.C. 1979-1996
Wiener Zeitschrift fur die Kunde Sudasiens und Archiv fur indische Philosophie Leiden 1971-2008
Working Papers in Linguistics Honolulu 1975-1982
World Focus New Delhi 1989-1991
Yojana New Delhi 1975-1995