Selected Music E-Journals

This page lists Music e-journals which are not linked elsewhere on LibraryWeb.

  • Critical Musicology
    "A Transdisciplinary Online Journal" hosted by the School of Music at the University of Leeds
  • ECHO: A Music-Centered Journal
    An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal created and edited by graduate students in the UCLA Department of Musicology (some articles require Quicktime and Flash plugins) -- Los Angeles, CA: University of California, Los Angeles, 1999–.
  • Electronic Musician
    Full-text articles from current issue and back issues to September 1999.
  • Journal of New Music Research - Electronic Appendix
    Sassenheim, The Netherlands: Swets & Zeitlinger.
  • Journal for Seventeenth Century Music
    Cambridge, MA: Society for Seventeenth Century Music, Harvard University, 1995–.
  • MIX Magazine
    Full-text content of past issues from September 2000.
  • NewMusicBox
    Web magazine of the American Music Center. Includes audio clips of featured composers.
  • PopScriptum
    Online journal published by the Forschungszentrum Populare Musik, Berlin -- Berlin, Germany: Humboldt-Universitat, 1992.
  • Svensk tidskrift för musikforskning (STM)
    Digitized full-text version for issues of this journal, covering from 1970 up to the volume issued 3 years before the current print issue -- Stockholm, Sweden: Swedish Society for Musicology, 1970–.