Papers of Richard Brown Scandrett (1891-1969)


Correspondence, reports, clippings, and other material relating to Scandrett's service as a member of the Allied Reparations Commission (1945) and chief of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration Mission to Byelorussia, 1946.

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1,500 items, 1 ft.


Gift of Mrs. Scandrett, 1970.

Bound in four cloth volumes, as follows.

Volume 19A. Reparations Commission

1. Confidential Summary of Procedures of Allied Reparations Commission, 8/45. Scandrett to Joe, A. Panuch.

2. Clippings, 3/28/45-4/14/45

3. 3 Memoranda 4/19/45-4/24/45. Scandrett to Isador Lubin.

4. Correspondence 1/15/45-5/7/45. Among Scandrett, Bryant Smith, Robert M. La Follette, Joe Panuch, & Robert Frost

5. Clippings, 3/1/45-5/19/45

6. Correspondence 5/18/45. Scandrett to Edward J. Flynn.

7. Clippings, 5/19/45-6/45.

8. Staff Memorandum No. 1, United States Mission, Allied Reparations Commission. 5/19/45.

9. Memorandum Regarding the Status of Property in Germany Belonging to Citizens of the United States and Other Nations. n.d.

10. Itinerary of Ambassador Pauley's Party, 5/31-6/4/(45).

11. Report of Team Four--Robert G. Sproul, Richard T. (sic) Scandrett, George H. Johnson, & R. F. Brander-5/45.

12. Memorandum 6/8/45 Edwin W. Pauley to Staff.

13. Secret Studies of the German Economy Currently Available, United States Delegation, Allied Reparations Commission, 6/8/45.

14. Correspondence, 6/10/45. Pauley to Lucius D. Clay & Dwight D. Eisenhower.

15. Memoranda, 6/9/45-6/20/45. Scandrett. Re: conversations with Clay, Donald McLean, & Louis(sic) Douglas.

16. Secret Report, Germany Occupation Period: Treatment of Foreign Property and Contracts in Germany. CAG-285 Preliminary, 9/2/44.

17. Report, Planning the Economic Control of Germany, 3/3/45. James A. Perkins.

18. Memoranda, 6/26/45-7/7/11/45. J. A. Parten to Luther Gulick, Sproul, McLaren, & Scandrett.

19. Correspondence, 6/26/45-7/5/45. Among Walter Monckton, A. Sokirkin, & Gulick.

20. Status Report, n.d. Re: Problems facing War Reparations Commission.

21. Paraphrase of Telegram, 7/17/45. Secretary of State (Grew Acting) to American Embassy Moscow.

22. Correspondence, 7/19/45. Unsigned to A. Ya. Vyshinski.

23. Report of the Tripartite Conference of Berlin, 8/3/45.

24. The Fate of the World Rests with the United States and Russia. 9/20/45. Scandrett typescript.

25. Clippings, 12/45.

Volume 19B. Reparations Commission

1. Correspondence, 10/1/45. Scandrett to Lloyd M. Clark.

2. Clippings, 11/3/45-12/20/45.

3. Correspondence, 8/3/45. Pauley to Scandrett.

4. Clippings, 12/10/45-3/14/46. Re: Pauley nomination as Under-Secretary of the Navy.

5. Correspondence, 4/6/45-5/7/45. Between Scandrett and William Bondy, Louis A. Johnson, Maurice Davidson, David Van Alstyne, Otto Manthley-Zorn, W. W. Lancaster, Henry A. Atkison, American Christian Committee for Refugees, Robert Milam, C. C. Jordon, Jean Simpson, Gullie B. Golden, Jacob Billikopf, F. L. Cadman, Eva Eastman, John G. Poore, H. W. Callmann, L. M. Clark, Mrs. Lamont Oppenheim, Mrs. Wales Latham, Alma Clayburgh, Richard Cronan, Edmond E. Thomas, Harry Nordlinger, Bill Cobb, Charles E. Heydt, Fred Voorhees, William Cogswell, Carl H. Voss, Rufus J. Trimble, John W. Simpson II, Grier Bartol, Maxime Levy Hermanos, Martha Burgan, Charles Weedon, Otto Lindburg, D. W. Woodruff, Frank M. Lay, Frances Kellor, Robert E. Meyers, John R. Woone, Warren Moscow, & Harold Nicholson.

Volume 20A. Mission to Byelorussia

1. UNRRA Mission to Byelorussia -- Summary.

2. Formal Acknowledgements -- Fiorello H. La Guardia, D. G. Rooks, Herbert H. Lehman H. M. Burnett, Robert G. A. Jackson.

3. Correspondence between Henry A. Wallace and Scandrett 2/25-4/25/46 re: Robert Frase.

4. Organization Chart, UNRRA Mission to Byelorussia, 7/31/46.

5. Agreement between UNRRA and Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

6. Department of State, UNRRA Operations Branch- - Requisition Processing Procedure.

7. Memorandum, 3/27/46, Bartlett to Scan drett, re: day's schedule.

8. Photographs of Byelorussian Mission.

9. UNRRA News Release No. 342, 4/24/46.

10. Memoranda re: Director-General's tour, 8/45.

11. Correspondence 2/6-2/16/46, Scandrett and James 11. Mead.

12. Unidentified document, in Russian and English.

13. Correspondence 7/46-8/46-, Scandrett to Semeon Pavlovich Portnov, Nicholai Petrovich Pokrovski, Ignaty Alekseeich Yermoshenko, Konstanin L. Lastovsky, in English and Russian; Memorandum 5/29/46.-- re: first visits in Byelorussia.

14. Scandrett interview in Minsk, 8/27/46. Transcript in English.

15. Correspondence, 9/13-12/6/46, among Scandrett, Robert Frase, and Lostovsky.

16. Correspondence, 11/23/46. Scandrett to Jackson.

17. Scandrett press conference, 9/5/46. London.

18. Correspondence, 10/7/46. Paul Kellogg to Scandrett.

19. Clippings, 6/47-5/47.

20. Correspondence, 10/9-11/4/46. Between Scandrett and Robert A. Taft.

21. Correspondence, 3/11/46-7/30/46. Among Scandrett, Rhys Williams, Beta Iota Chapter at Amherst College, Mikhail Burinski, Mrs. LaFell Dickinson, W. B. Smith, Farnsworth Fowley, and Andrew J. Steiger.

22. Clippings from Information Bulletin of the Embassy of the USSR, 1/22/46.

23. UNRRA memoranda, 1946.

24. Correspondence, 10/4/46-11/22/48, between Scandrett and Charles Drury, primarily, re: medical equipment in Poland. Included related correspondence with Beekman J. Delatour, Stephen Simmons, Russell Cecil, E. H. L. Corwin, & Cyril E. Paquin.

25. Correspondence,9/30/46-5/20/47 between Scandrett and Theodore Waller; memo, 9/30/46, Jackson to Scandrett re: Waller.

26. Correspondence, memorandum, clippings, 8/13/46-1/17/49, between Scandrett and Gladwin Young.

27. Correspondence, 9/29/46-9/6/46. between Robert Frase & Scandrett; other Frase correspondence with LaGuardia, Waller.

28. Correspondence, 8/27/46-8/13/48 between Rene C. Peer and Scandrett.

29. Correspondence and clippings, between Leslie Falk and Scandrett.

30. Correspondence 9/19/47-11/18/47 between Davis McEntire and Scandrett.

31. Correspondence, 1947-48, between Scandrett and former UNRRA Mission colleagues: Marion L. Dillon, Ethel Wykman, Eda Glaser, Julian W. Vogt, and Arthur C. Hagen.

32. Correspondence, 7/12-7/18/46, R. R. Livingstone to Scandrett.

33. Correspondence 9/29/47, Scandrett to James Stevens Simons; correspondence 10/15/47 Leslie M. Falk to Charles Cole, Otto Manthley-Zorn and James Stevens Simons

34. Correspondence and clipping 7/23/47 Jacques A. Gerard to Scandrett

35. Documents 8/46-1/47 re: Scandrett's return from Byelorussia Mission.

36. Correspondence 7/24/47-10/10/47 re: Waller draft of history of UNRRA Mission to Byelorussia. Correspondents include: Scandrett, Waller, Frase, Jackson, Marshall MacDuffie, Richard R. Brown.

37. Correspondence 12/16/47-10/25/48 between Scandrett and Phyllis Auty (Mrs. James Grover McBurney)

38. Correspondence 3/31-4/14/47 between Scandrett and Edgar Ansel Mowrer

39. Miscellaneous correspondence 19451949, among Scandrett and Allice W. Ehle, Bryant Smith, Robert A. Taft, James E. Murray, Agnes Morrow Scandrett, Wallace Townsend, Shelby M. Harrison, Jackson Leighter, Eustace Seligman, Helen (Mrs. Ian) MacDonald,

40. Telegrams 3/9/46-9/24/?, Frase to

41. Correspondence and memoranda re: Scandrett dinner 12/11/46. Includes correspondence of Herbert H. Lehman, Eleanor Roosevelt, Warren R. Austin, Frank Altschul.

42. Correspondence 1946, re: parties given by Soviet Embassy.

43. Correspondence and telegrams, 1945 1946, re: March 25, 1946 reservation for Grosvenor House, London.

Volume 20B. Geneva Conference - Fischer Book Controversy - Draft of Mission History - Mission Reports - Cables, etc.

1. Miscellaneous memos and observations

2. Agenda for conference with Lostovsky and miscellaneous communications to and from Lostovsky

3. Correspondence June 26 to July 4 between La Guardia, the Mission at Minsk and RBS - from Warsaw - re: censorship of correspondents.

4. Telegram and background memorandum re: disciplinary action for Day.

5. Miscellaneous Mission cables.

6. Resolutions at the fourth Session of UNRRA at Atlantic City, March 1946.

7. Proceedings at Fifth Session of UNRRA Council at Geneva - August, 1946. -- directions to RBS to attend -- Message from Lehman, -- speech of William L. Clayton -- copies of journal, etc.

8. McDuffie statement of Resignation and La Guardia's cable accepting it.

9. Aid for Minsk Committee meeting in N.Y. Dec. 1, 1946 -- Kiselev speech -- correspondence, etc.

10. Miscellaneous -- UNRRA authorizations

11. Fischer book controversy -- correspondence with McDuffie, Cass Canfield -- Harry Scherman, etc.

12. Address of La Guardia to UN Assembly, Nov. 11, 1946 re Emergency Food Fund

13. The Story of UNRRA -- Feb 1948 pamphlet with foreword by Director General Rooks

14. Copy of Constitution of USSR

15. Memorandum re "Mission History" and final draft prepared by Waller -- after revisions made as a result of criticisms by RBS of preliminary drafts

16. Miscellaneous incidental correspondence