The Papers of William B. Welsh


Correspondence, memoranda, clippings and research material of William B. Welsh, 1924- , research and legislative aide to U.S. Senator Herbert H. Lehman of New York. Among the subjects included are civil rights, immigration law, Joseph R. McCarthy, refugee problems, and tidelands oil.

NOTE: Each entry lists a file number, followed by the title of the file.

Dates Covered

1952- 1956

Number of Items

ca. 5000

The Senate Research Files of William B. Welsh

William B. Welsh served as a research and legislative assistant in Herbert H. Lehman's Senate Office.

He presented his personal files of research, comprising two file drawers of material, to the Lehman Papers in November 1976.

Senate Research Files (Drawer 369)

1. Civil Rights--Army Education, Segregation in [William B. Welsh Personal File]

2. Civil Rights--Army and Education I [University of South Carolina]

3. Civil Rights--Army and Education II [Undated Material]

4. Civil Rights--Background Material



5. Civil Rights--Discharge of H.R. 627

6. Civil Rights--Economic Coercion

7. Civil Rights--Election Statistics

8. Civil Rights--Fair Employment Practices Commission

9. Civil Rights--Housing Discrimination

10. Communism

11. Constitutional Amendment--Bricker Amendment [Assorted Material]

12. Constitutional Amendment--Bricker Amendment [Printed Matter I]

13. Constitutional Amendment--Bricker Amendment [Printed Matter II]

14. Constitutional Amendment--Lodge-Gossett I

15. Constitutional Amendment--Lodge-Gossett II

16. Constitutional Amendment--S.J. Res. No. 3 ["Relative to the Taking of Private Property"]

17. Immigration--Amendments in 84th Congress

18. Immigration--Bibliography

19. Immigration--Crime Statistics

20. Immigration--Draft Speeches

21. Immigration--Editorials

22. Immigration--83rd Congress

23. Immigration--Foreign Press Comments

24. Immigration--General Articles

25. Immigration--Hardship Cases

26. Immigration--Hate Literature from 1953

27. Immigration--Hate Literature before 1953

28. Immigration--Human Interest Background I [Editorials, Comments, Clippings]

29. Immigration--Human Interest Background II [Various Organizations]

30. Immigration--Justice Department Deportations [Press Releases]

31. Immigration--McCarran Bill, Amendment to [S. 2250]

32. Immigration--McCarran Bill, Fact Sheet for Floor Debate

33. Immigration--Private Bills [Studies]

34. Immigration--Publications and Reprints

Senate Research Files (Drawer 370)

1. Immigration--Race

2. Immigration--Resolutions and Editorials in .Congressional Record [January-June, 1953]

3. Immigration--Statistics

4. Immigration--Wetbacks, 1954

5. Immigration--Wetbacks, pre-1954

6. McCarthy, Joseph--Background Material

7. McCarthy, Joseph--Censure [Printed Material]

8. McCarthy, Joseph--Charges Against Made by Lehman

9. McCarthy, Joseph--Lehman Franking Controversy [Letters, News Releases, Memos]

10. McCarthy, Joseph--Lehman Franking Controversy [Newspaper Clippings, Notes]

11. McCarthy, Joseph--Lehman's Resolution Re:

12. Refugee Relief Act

13. Refugee Relief Act--Amendments and Hearings I [1955-1956]

14. Refugee Relief Act--Amendments and Hearings II [to 1954 ]

15. Refugee Relief Program--Monthly Report of Assurances [1954-1956]

16. Refugee Relief Program--Status of Visa Applications per Week [1955-1956]

17. Senate Rules on Fair Procedures I [Assorted Material, 1950-1954]

18. Senate Rules on Fair Procedures II [Undated Material]

19. Senate Rules on Senate Conference Reports

20. Tidelands--Background Material

21. Tidelands--Background Material, Historical I [Texas Claims]

22. Tidelands--Background Material, Historical II [Texas Claims]

23. Tidelands--Foreign Waters [Memos, Background Material]

24. Tidelands--General Material I [1954-1955]

25. Tidelands--General Material II [April-July, 1953]

26. Tidelands--General Material III [January-March, 1953]

27. Tidelands--General Material IV [1945, 1948, 1950, 1952]

28. Vietnam--Memo. from Frances Williams to Julius C.C. Edelstein, May 10, 1954. 1 p. (carbon copy)

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