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Kunal Baweja is a graduate student in Computer Science and currently work as a teaching intern with the Digital Science Center, Columbia University. Previously I was a research intern with the TSUNAMi systems research group at National University of Singapore and obtained my undergraduate degree from BITS Pilani, India.

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James Curley is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department, Columbia University. He is founding member of the Center for Integrative Animal Behavior at Columbia University. He received his PhD from Cambridge University in 2003 in Animal Behavior. Prof Curley has been teaching R programming and data visualization to all ability levels for 5 years and is an RStudio instructor.

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Sofia Gans is a 6th year PhD candidate in art history specializing in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century bronze sculpture in the Holy Roman Empire. She is an advocate for the use of new and emerging technologies both in research and classroom teaching. Her dissertation research has been funded by the Riggio family, the Mellon Foundation, and the Deutsche-Akademische-Austauschdienst (DAAD). Alongside her graduate studies, Sofia has been an educator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art since 2010. She has additionally undertaken field work for the Mellon-funded Mapping Gothic France database, and is a member of the NEH-funded Making & Knowing Project. She received her BA with honors from Vassar College, and her MA and MPhil from Columbia University.

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Yue Jin has been working at the Digital Social Science Center and Digital Science Center at Columbia University, hosting R Open Labs and workshops. She is also a graduate student in the Department of Statistics, specializing in data science. She is interested in applying statistical tools to financial and economic data. 

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Giorgia Lupi is an award winning information designer and artist. Her work in information visualization frequently crosses the divide between digital and print, exploring visual models and metaphors to represent dense and rich data-driven stories. Her work and research challenges the impersonality that data might communicate, designing engaging visual narratives able to connect numbers to what they stand for: knowledge, behaviors, people. She is co-founder and design director at Accurat, a data-driven research, design and innovation firm based in Milan and New York. She obtained a PhD cum Meritum in Design at Politecnico di Milano, in 2014. She is a co-author on Dear Data in collaboration with data artist Stefanie Posavec.

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Stuart Lynn is the head of Research and Data at CARTO a company that specializes in beautiful online geospatial visualizations and location analytics. He initially studied mathematical physics at Edinburgh University before deciding astronomy was prettier and easier to explain in bars and obtained a Ph.D. in astrophysics. He previously worked at the Adler Planetarium as the technical lead of the Zooniverse: the largest collection of online citizen science projects. He is passionate about getting everyone involved in doing real science and making real discoveries online.

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Jonathan Reeve is a graduate student in the Department of English and Comparative Literature, specializing in computational literary analysis. He has worked as a programmer for the Modern Language Association, New York University, and the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. Read about some of his recent experiments at

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Juan Francisco Saldarriaga is a researcher at the Center for Spatial Research at Columbia University and an adjunct assistant professor of urban planning and architecture at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP). His research happens at the intersection of data, GIS, urbanism, architecture and the humanities. He teaches graduate level seminars on mapping, advanced GIS and data visualization. In the past Juan Francisco worked as a research scholar at the Spatial Information Design Lab, an architectural designer for Carlos Zapata Studio and D.G.T. Architects, and as the GIS project coordinator for the Catholic Charities.

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Zhirui Wang is a master candidate in Data Science Institute, School of Engineering and Applied Science. He currently works as an assistant in Digital Social Science Center, helps holding R Open Labs. His focus is on Econometrics, Time Series, Machine Learning and exploring up-to-date libraries in R and Python that will make data scientists' life much easier.

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