Art or Knowledge: Registration

Day 1: Demos

Tuesday, April 11th

Location: Schapiro CEPSR, Davis AuditoriumRoom 412

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Day 2: Workshops

Wednesday, April 12th

Location: various, see program

Please note: These workshops are open only to current Columbia affiliates.


Please register for Art or Knowledge Day 2 workshops via the following links:


Finding Missing Patterns in R, Led by: Chubing Tripepi -

Introduction to Interactive Visualizations in R, Led by: Yue Jin -

Basic Data Visualization with Python Matplotlib, Led by: Kunal Baweja -

An Introduction to Visualizing Text with Python, Led by: Jonathan Reeve -

Reproducible Research using R & RStudio, Led by: James Curley -

Downloading API data through Python, Led by: Juan Francisco Saldarriaga -

Mapping and Visualization with CARTO, Led by: Stuart Lynn -



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