2000 Census Data Distribution

April 2000 The 22nd decenial census of the United States population was begun on Saturday, 1 April 2000. The process of collecting questionnaires from all households will continue through the summer. Data from this census will begin to arrive in Columbia's libraries starting in April 2001, when the congressional redistricting files will be released in accordance with Public Law 94-171. During the following two years, other summary files will be released, and data will be available in a limited number of print volumes, on CD-ROM, and via the internet.

Printed reports, distributed to depository libraries, which for the 1980 and 1990 censuses required about one stack range each, will be reduced to a small number of summary volumes for the United States and for each state.

The greater part of the printed reports will be distributed in PDF format from the Census web site. Individuals can print these reports themselves or contract with Census to have them printed.

The primary method of Census 2000 data distribution will be released via the American FactFinder on the Census bureau website. Individuals will be able to select the data they need, select the geography, and then select the variables to view, download, and print.

Highlights of planned releases of data.

Data Product Date of Release Media
Congressional redistricting April 2001 Web CD Paper
100 % Summary Files June - September 2001 Web CD
Sample Summary Files
   Zip code areas
   county level
August - December 2002 Web CD
Congressional District Atlas September 2003 Web CD
Public Use Microdata (PUMS) April - July 2002 Web CD

Quick Tables.

100% Data: Templates with fixed stubs and boxheads. Tables can be filled with Population and Housing data.

Sample Data: tables are 'pre-filled' consisting of 11 geographic summary tables. Variables are the same as those for 100% count data.

Access to the 1980 and 1990 Census data files is currently available through EDS. We anticipate that, with the arrival of the 2000 Census data, there will be increased interest in the older materials as researchers begin to compare the new data with the historical data available in the earlier Census files. We look forward to this expanded use of Census data and are preparing to bring statistical, database, and mapping software tools together to make this access easier for the research community.

You can find census data and information through the Electronic Data Service web site at http://www.columbia.edu/acis/eds/ and information about the printed and web based resources from the Documents Service Center web site at www.columbia.edu/cu/libraries/indiv/dsc/. Updated information about the progress of Census 2000 can be found on the Census Bureau website at: http://www.census.gov/dmd/www/2khome.htm.