JSTOR General Science Collection

01/03/2001 - We are very pleased and excited to announce the final release of titles in the JSTOR General Science Collection. As you know, portions of this collection have been released throughout the year 2000. With today's release, we complete the collection by adding the earliest volumes of these titles, some of which reach as far back as 1665.

A special web page has been prepared with information about the release of this collection. You may find it at: http://www.jstor.org/about/gensci_release.html

This page includes links to a detailed list of the General Science Collection journals with title history information, handouts, shelf labels, and other support materials. We have enjoyed working on this collection, and we are sure you will find much of interest within it.

As you may well imagine, the content of these early years includes some unique items. For an interesting sampling, we recommend these examples:

  • Search all the General Science titles for "Benjamin Franklin" in the author field.
  • Search all the General Science titles for "Isaac Newton" in the author field.
  • Search "All General Science journals" for "Halley" NEAR within 10 words "comet" in full-text, sort results by the oldest items first.
  • View the accompanying illustrations in "An Appendix to the Directions for Seamen, Bound for Far Voyages," Philosophical Transactions (1665-1678), Vol. 1. (1665 - 1666), pp. 147-149.

The General Science Collection is offered separately from the Arts & Sciences I Collection and the newly released Ecology & Botany Collection.

Statistics for the General Science Collection:

Number of Issues: 12,373
Number of Pages: 1,575,887
Number of Full-length Articles: 209,140

Current Statistics for the Full JSTOR Collection:

Number of Issues: 49,279
Number of Pages: 7,051,748
Number of Full-length Articles: 571,337

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