Starr East Asian Library Temporary Library Closing

July 23, 2001

To: All Patrons of the C. V. Starr East Asian Library
From: Amy V. Heinrich, Director


As the Kent-Philosophy Restoration Project draws to a close, the Starr East Asian Library will close its doors to the public from Monday, August 20 through Sunday, August 26. On weekdays, the staff will be working to reshelve materials that had been moved for the construction, shelf-read the collection, weed the reference collection, and generally get the Library in good shape for the fall 2001 semester. Among other work, we will be shifting the location of folios, in order to shelve the bulk of the Library of Congress classified folios in the Skylight Room on the 100 level. The folios cataloged in Nippon Decimal will be shelved on the north wall of room 108, where the LC folios were previously.

Staff will be working during the week, and so we will be able to page books for patrons in emergencies. It will be most efficient, however, to try to anticipate your needs and collect your resources before the closing.

If you have any questions about the temporary closing (or other library-related issues) feel free to contact one of our Primary Public Service Contacts at any time.