Wireless Networking Comes to Columbia University's Morningside Campus and Libraries

New York, October 10, 2002 - Academic Information Systems (AcIS) is installing a wireless Ethernet network on Columbia University's Morningside campus. The wireless network is available to Columbia students, faculty, and staff and offers fast and reliable data connection speeds of up to 11Mbps.

Beginning this fall, wireless connectivity is available in twelve of Columbia's Morningside campus libraries, no longer restricting network computing in the library to a network jack. These libraries are: Starr East Asian, Psychology, Geology, Engineering, Mathematics, Wiener Music & Arts, Biology, Chemistry, Physics/Astronomy, Watson Business & Economics, Lehman Social Sciences, and renovated areas in Butler Library.

The wireless network enables access to the Internet and the Libraries' catalog and electronic resources from locations without computer terminals and network jacks, such as University's lounges, e-classrooms, and campus lawns. A full listing of campus areas with wireless access is on the AcIS Wireless Network webpage at: http://www.columbia.edu/acis/access/oncampus/wireless/. Plans include extending wireless access in Butler Library to the stacks, reading rooms, and meeting rooms. Overall coverage will improve as the wireless network is expanded to accommodate the entire campus.

According to the AcIS website, "The wireless network offers all the computing services that the wired network does. Once you are equipped with a special PC card for your portable computer the network will be completely accessible without the restraints of a network cable and jack. Wireless users can roam throughout the coverage zones and remain connected to the network."

Academic Information Systems (AcIS) is the central organization supporting academic use of technology at Columbia University. It is a service organization whose mission is to improve the quality of instruction and research at the University through the strategic use of computing and communications technologies. AcIS also provides several core services to all faculty, students, and staff at Columbia including Email services, network services and Internet access, central Web servers, and a central ID system for managing access to computing resources. http://www.columbia.edu/acis/.

AcIS is part of the Information Services Division at Columbia University, which also includes the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL), the Center for Research on Information Access (CRIA), the Electronic Publishing Initiative at Columbia (EPIC), and the University Libraries.

written: 10/10/02 KRS