New CLIO is here!

July 7th, 2003 marks the introduction of new CLIO, the fully redesigned online catalog of the Columbia and Barnard libraries. Click the "Search CLIO now" link at the end of this message to go directly to the new CLIO to try it's many new features. For details on how the new CLIO works, please follow the links below to our recent series of "CLIO Countdown" messages, listed here in chronological sequence. The Countdowns describe new searching options, enhancements to Circulation features, powerful "patron empowerment" features, and much more.

Remember, the collections of the Law, Teachers College, Jewish Theological Seminary, and Union Theological libraries are not included in CLIO. You may connect to each of these separate catalogs from LibraryWeb's Other Catalogs at CU and Nearby link.

We hope you will take some time to share your impressions of the new CLIO with us. To do so, please use the "CLIO Feedback" link once you have connected to CLIO.

Search CLIO now