1 Week to go to July 7th

1 Week to go to July 7th

NEW YORK, July 1, 2003 Just one more week to the launch of the new CLIO.

Following the July 4th weekend, the Libraries will launch a new version of CLIO, our online catalog and the management system that supports circulation, reserves, acquisitions, and cataloging. CLIO is used by all Morningside libraries (except Law and Teachers College) and also includes the collections of Health Sciences and Barnard libraries.

The new CLIO will include many attractive enhancements, such as:

  • Notices for materials will be sent out before materials are due
  • New search options, such as doing a separate search for journal titles, for prolific authors and composers, and for anonymous works.
  • Ability to apply any number of limits to your search, including language, library location, place of publication, format, and more.
  • An option to sort/resort your search results; to edit, combine, and redo your searches through a "search history" feature; and to print, download, or email selected records.
  • Full Course Reserves searching (in addition to Basic Search and Guided Keyword Search), right there in CLIO.
  • Archival materials listed within CLIO (No longer will you need to change databases to find information on CU archives.)

And with just a simple login, the new CLIO will also offer:

  • Access to "My Library Account" to review/ update your address information, and to see what you have checked out and requested, to see any library fines.
  • Real-time, self-service circulation transactions. Place recalls, holds, renewal requests right there in CLIO.
  • "My CLIO" where you can customize your CLIO searching and displays.
  • Bookbag will be a feature somewhat like an online shopping cart, where you can save search results for future use.
  • "A single click will take you to a search "all CU library catalogs" (including Law and Teachers College, and eventually UTS as well) at once.

Some of these features will be available immediately, others will be developed over the coming months. Within CLIO, there will be an extensive menu of "Help" files to provide search tips and full explanations of the system functionality.

When new CLIO is made available, there will be no immediate access to a telnet interface (text only search/display) as we have had. We are working to provide a non-web version of CLIO for the fall '03 semester though it will have many fewer features than the web version.

Watch for the July 7th introduction of the new CLIO and give it a try. We are eager to hear your comments; just click on the CLIO Feedback link from the search screen. Enjoy searching the new CLIO; we hope you'll like it!