6 Weeks to go to July 7th


NEW YORK, May 29, 2003 - Expanded searching features in the new CLIO:

This summer, the Libraries will launch a new version of CLIO, our online catalog and the management system that supports circulation, reserves, acquisitions, and cataloging. CLIO is used by all Morningside libraries (except Law, Teachers College and Union Theological Seminary) and also includes the collections of the Barnard and Health Sciences libraries. The new CLIO is scheduled to "go live" following the July 4th weekend.

The CLIO database has expanded, and will now include records for archives and manuscript material in the

Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library
Barnard Archives
Lehman Suite
Oral History Research Office
Rare Book & Manuscript Library
University Archives

Many of the search features of new CLIO will be familiar--you will still be able to search by author, title, subject, and keyword, but several new features have been added:

  • You will be able to search separately by journal title.
  • There will be a specific author search for prolific authors and composers which will sort editions of a work together, and a uniform title search which will do the same for works like the Bible or Koran which are known only by title.
  • Title Search will be the new default search.
  • It will be possible to limit title and keyword searches in several ways; for example,
    • language
    • library location, (e.g. Avery, Barnard, Biology, Butler)
    • year of publication, for works published before or after a certain date, or for works published in a span of years
    • place of publication, by country or U.S. state of publication
    • format, (e.g., video recordings, archival materials, music recordings, electronic resources, spoken word recordings, and much more).
  • CLIO will be more flexible. It will be easier to target a search to a specific element of the record: a subject heading, table of contents, or publisher, and combine this term with another. It will also be easier to search phrases like "homeland security" and to construct complex searches.
  • Keyword and title search results can be resorted alphabetically by author or title, or chronologically in ascending or descending order. A post-limit feature will allow you to apply language, format, or location limits to a results list.

Watch for weekly notices on the Libraries' progress towards implementing this new system in LibraryWeb NEWS as we continue our "CLIO countdown" to keep you informed over the next 2 months.