7 Weeks to go to July 7th


NEW YORK, May 22, 2003 - Get Ready for new Save/Email and Bookbag features in CLIO:

This summer, the Libraries will launch a new version of CLIO, our online catalog and the management system that supports circulation, reserves, acquisitions, and cataloging. CLIO is used by all Morningside libraries (except Law and Teachers College) and also includes the collections of Health Sciences and Barnard libraries. The new CLIO is scheduled to "go live" following the July 4 weekend.

In the new CLIO, you will have the options to save to diskette or your hard drive as well as to email your search results or selected CLIO bibliographic records. These options will be found in the "Save/Email" box at the bottom of both CLIO search results and individual catalog record screens. Printing the results of your CLIO searching is also available. On-screen instructions (and additional HELP information) is provided in CLIO.

You will have the option to download or email:

  • a full page of your search results
  • selected records on any given page of your search results
  • selected records from the entire list of your search results
  • a single record from the search results page
  • a single record from the individual record display

When you use the downloading/emailing options from within CLIO, your records will be displayed and downloaded in a text format.

The Bookbag feature will allow you to save a search result for later use (similar to systems which include an online shopping cart option). In order to use the new Bookbag feature, you must be logged in to "My Library Account." Once you have logged in to your account and have searched CLIO, you will be able to:

  • mark the CLIO bibliographic record(s) you wish to save and then click on Save to Bookbag
  • view individual CLIO records and click on Save to Bookbag
  • delete selected records from your bookbag or empty the entire bookbag

At any time when you have logged in to My Library Account, you will be able to access your bookbag to review its contents.

Save/Email and Bookbag will be very useful new features in CLIO to help you better manage your search results. Another important use for these options comes into play if you wish to use CLIO records with a bibliographic software tool such as EndNote.

Watch for weekly notices on the Libraries' progress towards implementing this new system in LibraryWeb NEWS as we continue our "CLIO countdown" to keep you informed over the next 2 months.