Images from the New Leader Archive

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1924_page1 The New Leader</i>, p. 1, February 16, 1924.
1935-page1 The New Leader</i>, p. 1, May 18, 1935.
30th_dinner <i>The New Leader</i> 30th Anniversary Banquet at the Waldorf Astoria, 1954.
Photo by David Ortiz Letter from President Franklin D. Roosevelt<br />to <i>New Leader</i> Executive Editor Sol Levitas, March 29, 1943.
josephson_brandt_levitas Sol Levitas (right) and Ben Josephson (left), president of the NL board,<br />at a 1958 reception for West Berlin's Mayor Willy Brandt (center).
1949_page1 <i>The New Leader</i>, p. 1, August 20, 1949.
niebuhr Reinhold Niebuhr, interior illustration, 2/19/73,<br />&quot;Putting the Democrats Together Again,&quot; artist probably Brent Bailer.
060188002 Arthur Miller, interior illustration, 2/3/64, &quot;A View from the Brain,&quot; artist unknown.
khrushchev Nikita Khrushchev, interior illustration, 7/22/63,<br />&quot;Admonitions from Comrade Mao,&quot; artist Gerry Gersten.
060188004 Interior illustration, 10/17/83, &quot;The Rosenbergs Revisited,&quot; artist Claudia Fouse.
060188009 Cartoon lampooning President Lyndon Johnson's policy toward Latin America,<br />cover illustration, 4/24/67, &quot;Action Plan for Latin America,&quot; artist Julio Fern&aacute;ndez.
macdonald Dwight Macdonald, interior illustration, 6/6-20/94,<br />&quot;An Intellectual's Fading Footprints,&quot; artist Angela Knightley.
060188003 Berkeley campus protest image, interior illustration,<br />12/21/64, &quot;Rebellion at Berkeley,&quot; artist William Berry.
060188010 <i>New Leader</i> promotional material, featuring Robert Sandoz's article on Michigan Governor George W. Romney.
cover_720918 <i>The New Leader</i>, cover, 9/18/72.
060188008 Polish shipyard workers in Gdansk protesting outlawing of Solidarity,<br />cover illustration, 11/1/82, &quot;The U.S. Choices in Poland,&quot; artist Sarah E. Edgar.
060188005 Islamic revolution in Iran, cover illustration,<br />11/3/86, &quot;The U.S.-Israel-Iran Triangle,&quot; artist John Bowdren.
akhmatova Anna Akhmatova, interior illustration, 9/9-23/91,<br />&quot;Papa Knew Best,&quot; (reminiscence by Tony Shub), artist Del Bach.
060188006 V&aacute;clav Havel, interior illustration, 2/6/89, &quot;Advancing the Helsinki Process,&quot;<br />artist probably John Bowdren.
wiesel Elie Wiesel, speaking at <i>The New Leader</i>'s 65th anniversary event<br />at the New York Public Library.
060188007 Donkey eating elephant, cover illustration, 11/2-16/98,<br />&quot;Rescrambling Political Loyalties,&quot; artist Ahmet G&ouml;rg&uuml;n.
bush_clinton George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton, cover illustration, 11/30/92,<br />&quot;The Long Transition,&quot; artist Del Bach.
yeltsin Image of Boris Yeltsin looming over Chechnya, cover illustration, 2/13-27/95,<br />&quot;Yeltsin's Chechnya Problem - and Ours,&quot; artist Rance Jones.
powell Colin Powell, cover illustration, 10/9-23/95,<br />&quot;Politics by the Book,&quot; artist Jay Lincoln.
final_issue_cover Final issue of <i>The New Leader</i>, January/April 2006, cover.