Distinguished Journal of Socially Engaged Religious Thought Goes Digital
NEW YORK, November 1, 2011 –

Founded in 1939, Union Seminary Quarterly Review (USQR), Union Theological Seminary’s journal committed to interfaith, interdenominational, and interdisciplinary dialogue, has launched its open-access website at http://usqr.utsnyc.edu. With the advent of the new site, USQR will release its latest issue, devoted to religion and science. The Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS) at Columbia University is providing design, software, and hosting for the journal.

USQR’s content is freely available for download from the website. With a similar color palette and font, its design complements Union Theological Seminary’s site. The journal will continue to be available in print.

In collaboration with Columbia University’s Earth Institute, Volume 63:1-2 focuses on theology and earth and environmental science. It was guest-edited by Erin Lothes-Biviano with contributors such as Willis Jenkins, Margaret Farley Assistant Professor of Social Ethics at Yale Divinity School; Daniel Maguire, Professor of Ethics at Marquette University; and Matthew C. Ally, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at City University of New York. The next issue will be published in the coming months.

A leader in interfaith, interdenominational, and interdisciplinary content among theological periodicals, USQR began as a venue for inspired and socially engaged religious thought. Prominent early contributors included well-known liberal theologians of the 20th century such as Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Reinhold Niebuhr, Paul Tillich, and Martin Buber.

USQR will continue its progressive legacy through its new site. “As interreligious, interdenominational, and interdisciplinary discussion becomes more important in the world, especially for theology, I hope having USQR openly accessible online will allow the journal to reach a broader, more diverse readership while serving as a conscientious, socially engaged voice in the conversation as it always has,” said Jason Wyman, USQR editor-in-chief.

CDRS is proud to welcome USQR to its fleet of journals. ”We are thrilled to partner with Union Theological Seminary to bring USQR to the Internet and thus make it and the critical discussions within its pages more widely available to the world, continuing online the deep tradition of socially transformative scholarship that has always been the hallmark of this important journal,” said CDRS Director Rebecca Kennison. 

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11/1/11 CUL