Eminent Columbia Journal of Law and the Arts Launches New Website
NEW YORK, November 4, 2011 –

Columbia Journal of Law and the Arts (JLA), the leading scholarly journal publishing topics related to law and the arts, has launched a new website and blog at www.lawandarts.org. JLA partnered with the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS) at Columbia University for site development, design, and hosting services.

Run by students at Columbia Law School, JLA publishes commentary on the most relevant issues in intellectual property, entertainment, and media law by the best-respected legal scholars and practitioners in these fields. Contributors include leading international copyright scholars and practitioners such as Columbia Law faculty members Jane Ginsburg and Tim Wu, United States Register of Copyrights Maria Pallante, Harvard Law Professor John Palfrey, and others. According to the Washington and Lee School of Law Submissions and Rankings, JLA is the most highly and most rapidly cited specialized journal in the category of arts, entertainment, and sports law.

The revamped website begins with Volume 34, Issue 2, devoted to topics regarding copyright. Soon to be added to the site will be Issue 3, addressing subjects as diverse as federal boxing legislation and broadcast journalism, along with Issue 4, which is focused on the 2011 Kernochan Center Symposium on Collective Rights Management.

The site will also mark the launch of JLA’s law and arts blog, said editor-in-chief Jocelyn Hanamirian. “It is very exciting that now, in addition to JLA's print contribution to the field of arts law, we will be able to offer online content that tackles cutting edge developments in the law, as well as provides coverage of major symposia and arts law-related talks at the Law School,” she said. 

Outgoing editor-in-chief Lauren Gallo, who was instrumental in determining the look and feel of the site, believes the new website will benefit the journal. "I hope that our new and greatly improved website will help the Columbia Journal of Law and the Arts maintain its preeminence in the field of scholarly art law and also reach a broader audience of interested and like-minded scholars and future scholars. Given the particular relevance of electronic communication to the legal issues in art, entertainment, and intellectual property, it is especially important that our journal adapt to the changed circumstances of scholarly research. I am proud to be a part of this transition and look forward to many great things to come from the journal in the future,” she said.

CDRS is proud to offer its services to JLA. “At CDRS, we’re very pleased with the work we’ve done with JLA to highlight the journal’s preeminence in its field. We believe the improved website will allow JLA not only to maintain its status but permit it to forge ahead in its contribution to the important discussions taking place on law and the arts,” said CDRS Director Rebecca Kennison.

11/4/11 CUL