The Undergraduate Writing Program and the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship Launch The Morningside Review
NEW YORK, September 5, 2012 –

The Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS) is delighted to announce the launch of The Morningside Review, an online journal published by the Undergraduate Writing Program of Columbia University. The journal features exemplary essays written by first-year undergraduates in the Core Curriculum course, University Writing. The essays serve as vivid examples of peer work and enable students to make their imprint on the class, the Core, and the broader Columbia University community. The Undergraduate Writing Program teamed up with CDRS to revamp the existing journal of undergraduate writing to create a forum worthy of showcasing the outstanding essays produced by Columbia’s newest students.

Nicole B. Wallack, Director of the Undergraduate Writing Program, said of the launch:  ”We are thrilled to be moving The Morningside Review to this format. The journal title reflects our origins on the Morningside campus, which is situated in a wider community of writers and thinkers. The student essays in The Morningside Review bridge the worlds within and beyond Columbia, and do so in exemplary fashion. We are fortunate that the hard work of our University Writing instructors and students yields an impressive pool of essays. Of the hundreds of essays voluntarily submitted by students to The Morningside Review, on average, only ten are chosen by an advisory board of University Writing teachers and students. The students whose essays are selected for The Morningside Review can feel proud of this recognition of their intellectual work in their first year as undergraduates.

“The Morningside Review plays two crucial roles for the Undergraduate Writing Program: It provides current students in University Writing with work to which they can aspire and it provides University Writing teachers with work from which they can aspire. Each edition of The Morningside Review invites students and teachers to expand their sense of what is possible in first-year writing. CDRS provided us with an online presence for The Morningside Review that is akin to professional journals and so honors the students whose work appear in it. Throughout the process they helped us to clarify and define our goals for the journal. CDRS’ input on key features strengthened the link between our journal’s content and design. For example, featuring our student contributors’ faces on the homepage emphasizes how the essays are written by individuals who are taking a significant step toward becoming public thinkers.”

CDRS' Director, Rebecca Kennison, added: “Working with the Undergraduate Writing Program to produce such an exciting new place for undergraduates to showcase their work has been a wonderful process. From the production of the logo to designing the look and feel of The Morningside Review, it was a pleasure to work with such enthusiastic collaborators. To see excellence in college writing being published on this impressive platform is an achievement for the journal, the program, and the university as a whole.”


The Center for Digital Research and Scholarship (CDRS) serves the digital research and scholarly communications needs of the faculty, students, and staff of Columbia University and its affiliates. Our mission is to increase the utility and impact of research produced at Columbia by creating, adapting, implementing, supporting, and sustaining innovative digital tools and publishing platforms for content delivery, discovery, analysis, data curation, and preservation. In pursuit of that mission, we also engage in extensive outreach, education, and advocacy to ensure that the scholarly work produced at Columbia University has a global reach and accelerates the pace of research across disciplines.

The Morningside Review is an online journal published by the Undergraduate Writing Program in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. It features exemplary essays written by first-year undergraduates in the Core Curriculum course, University Writing. Hundreds of students voluntarily submit their essays to The Morningside Review for possible publication and approximately ten are chosen each year by an editorial advisory board made up of University Writing instructors and students.

The Undergraduate Writing Program celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2012. A sub-department within English and Comparative Literature, the program is responsible for providing a wide array of services for the Columbia University community. It houses the university’s Writing Center and oversees University Writing, a Core course required of all undergraduates at Columbia University. The Undergraduate Writing Program conducts pedagogical training and development for graduate students across departments and consults with faculty to help them more fully integrate writing into their curricula.

9/5/12 CUL