Libraries of Columbia and University of Toronto Announce Agreement to Collaboratively Support Tibetan Studies
NEW YORK, January 22, 2013 –

The research libraries at Columbia and the University of Toronto will collaboratively support Tibetan Studies collection development and research activities at both institutions.

Columbia University's Tibetan Studies Librarian, Dr. Lauran Hartley, will lead the work of coordinating Tibetan-language acquisitions at Columbia and the University of Toronto in a new pilot project. She will also provide research-support services to University of Toronto faculty and students via email, phone and video conferencing and will visit the University of Toronto annually. 

This international collaboration will harness the existing library expertise in Tibetan collection services at both universities to increase and expand the availability of resources to a wider community of scholars in both the United States and Canada.

“The agreement with Columbia University to further develop our research and teaching in this important region of the world positions the University of Toronto Library as Canada’s principal resource for knowledge about the Tibetan and wider Himalayan area,” Dr. Frances Garrett, Associate Professor of Tibetan and Buddhist Studies and Associate Chair of the Department for the Study of Religion at the University of Toronto, emphasized. “Moreover, with Toronto being home to one of the largest Tibetan communities outside Asia, the University's strength in Tibetan Studies is important to local populations as well as to academic communities throughout the country.”

"The Starr East Asian Library at Columbia holds not only the largest Tibetan Studies collection, but also the only Tibetan Studies Librarian position in North America,” Jim Cheng, Director of Starr East Asian Library, said. “We are very excited to begin this new cooperation, which will more effectively take advantage of existing resources and greatly benefit both institutions."

The faculties and students of both institutions will benefit from the innovative service model, which provides for jointly sponsored acquisitions trips to enhance the Tibetan collections at both universities, and a shared point of service for research consultations.

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AM 1/22/13