Columbia University Libraries/Information Services Establishes the W.K.W. Endowment Fund to Support Chinese Studies Collection
NEW YORK, December 10, 2013 –

Columbia University Libraries/Information Services (CUL/IS) is pleased to announce the establishment of the W.K.W. Endowment Fund for the Chinese Studies Collection in the C.V. Starr East Asian Library.

The endowment, with initial principal funding of $50,000 was established by a Columbia University Visiting Scholar, Founding Councilman of Peking University Entrepreneur Club, and Adviser to the Columbia University Asia-Pacific Development Society.

The fund will support the collection by enabling the acquisition of additional biographical materials related to historical figures in Chinese studies.  Such acquisitions may include epitaphs, eulogies, genealogy materials, autobiographies, biographies, oral histories, and photographs.  It will also provide resources to host related events such as a symposium, lectures, book talks, and exhibitions. 

“Columbia University's Chinese program and its world famous Chinese library collection began with a small gift in 1901 from Dean Lung, a modest man who signed his bequest ‘Dean Lung, a Chinese person.’ He wanted to help integrate cultural knowledge from his homeland into the curriculum of educated Americans,” said Madeline Zelin, Dean Lung Professor of Chinese Studies and Professor of History and East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University.  “We are deeply grateful to the W.K.W. Endowment fund for continuing this tradition and enhancing our ability to serve not only the Columbia community, but scholars from around the world who benefit from our holdings.”  

The Chinese collection at Columbia University was established in 1902 with the donation of the 5,044-volume Chinese encyclopedia Gujin tushu jicheng by the Chinese government.  It includes more than 450,000 volumes, 7,800 serials, 4.7 million-volume e-books, and unique material such as Chinese oracle bone, paper gods, local gazetteers, genealogy records, and DVDs.  It is ranked as one of the largest and most prominent Chinese Studies collections in North America.

“This endowment is particularly significant as the Libraries’ first fund established by an individual Chinese citizen through his personal wealth accumulated in mainland China,” said Jim Cheng, Director of the C.V. Starr East Asian Library. “This reinforces a unique support cycle, in that Chinese students and scholars will benefit from the enriched collection and may go on to become influential educators, scientists, diplomats, politicians and writers upon returning to China.”  

A private reception will be held at the Starr Library on December 19, 2013 to celebrate the establishment of the endowment fund.  

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纽约 2013129-- 大学图书馆欣然宣布为其史带东亚图书馆中文馆藏成立W.K.W.基金。



大学的中国学研究专业及其世界名的中文图书馆始于1901年由位旅居美国工作的、谦恭的、在其捐赠文件上署名为‘丁龙,一个中国人’所提供的数额不大的捐赠他希望帮助他祖国的文化知识融入美国人的教育课程。” 大学丁龙中国研究讲座教授及东亚语言文化史学教授曾小萍说:“W.K.W.基金传承了这个传统,并让我们的图书馆藏更好地服务哥大社区以及来自世界各地的学者 为此,我们深为感激




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