Ask a Librarian Text Message Services

How to send us a message from your mobile phone

Send the message to (215) TEXT-CUL or (215) 839-8285.

We use Google Voice for our texting service. We will receive your message through our chat system, and our replies will be sent to your cell phone.

Note: Although Columbia University Libraries does not charge for Ask a Librarian services, sending and receiving text messages may result in charges from your mobile provider, depending on your service plan.


We answer text messages during our regular chat service hours. Messages sent while we are closed will be received the next time we are open.

Privacy Policies

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Use of Ask a Librarian services is limited to Columbia University faculty, students, staff, and alumni; and to those with questions specific to the Columbia University Libraries, the use of its collections, and its policies. If you’re not affiliated with Columbia University, please direct your query to your local public, state, or academic library.