Undergraduate Student Borrowing Privileges

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Loan Periods

Semester Loan: Barnard, Burke, Business, Butler, East Asian, Engineering, Geology, Geoscience, Journalism, Lehman, Milstein Collection in Butler Library, Music & Arts, Science & Engineering, Social Work, Teachers College, and the Ware collection in Avery.

4-week Loan: JTS, Law and Teachers College

3-week Loan: Health Sciences Libraries

Extended Leave

Students who will be away for an extended leave are asked to return library materials before departure.


Fines are charged for some overdue items.

  • Course reserves/short-term loan items: $1.00 per hour for each hour or part thereof, to a maximum of $50.00.
  • Butler Media circulating items: $7.00 per day, to a maximum of $50.00.
  • Recalled items: $1.00 per day, to a maximum of $30.00.
  • Lost items: Standard replacement (varies by library) and processing ($30.00) fees will be added to the fines.

Borrowing privileges at all Columbia libraries are temporarily suspended if fines or fees exceed $99 or if a recalled item is not returned on time. Lost items should be reported to the Library Information Office.


Spouses/Domestic Partners

Students may register spouses/domestic partners for reading privileges in the Columbia Libraries. To register, the student and spouse/domestic partner must go to the Library Information Office inside the front entrance of Butler Library. Students must present a valid Columbia University ID and provide documentation of marriage/domestic partnership. If the marriage/partnership is dissolved, please notify the Library Information Office. The Libraries will not accept another spouse or domestic partner registration until six months after notification of the dissolution of the relationship. A fee will be charged for the photo ID card.