Binding & Shelf Processing (BSP)

Binding & Shelf Processing (formerly Materials Processing) carries out shelf processing of materials new to the collections, including call number labeling, ownership stamping, and inserting security devices and bookplates. It handles preparation for first-time commercial binding of serials and paperbacks, commercial rebinding of damaged volumes, mylar binding of paperback items, and creation by the commercial bindery of custom preservation enclosures. Binding & Shelf Processing is also responsible for tracking binding invoices, implementing the binding contracts, and quality control of all bound materials. Binding & Shelf Processing also processes and routes new items for ReCap. 

Supervisor of Binding and Shelf Processing
Freddy Claudio
(212) 854-2223

Postal address
Binding and Shelf Processing
Columbia University Libraries
106 Butler Library
535 West 114th St.
New York, NY 10027

Phone (212) 854-5284

Preservation Cases & Book Boxes






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Preservation Cases are the most common treatment requested for old or brittle books. 





Book (Drop Spine) Boxes are the sturdiest option for protective enclosures. Theyr're constructed of a clamshell design and covered in Buckram cloth that creates a secure enclosure without any clasp. The design is essentially two trays, one larger tray that fits around the smaller tray, that foldover oneanother like a clamshell which remains closed through friction. This treatment is best for very large or heavy items.