Printing Services in the Libraries

  • The Libraries and CUIT (Columbia University Information Technology) provide networked laser printers throughout the Libraries. Printing is based on a printing allowance, or quota, system managed by CUIT.
  • CUIT provides information about how to use the PawPrint printing system, PawPrint Quick Start Guide, and a full list of Printer Locations

Using PawPrint in the Libraries

PawPrint is Columbia University‚Äôs printing system at Morningside campus, providing a simple and flexible way to print in a multitude of locations, with both black-and-white and color options. With PawPrint, you can send a document to print from any computer and print it from any PawPrint print station located across campus.  

And, using the PawPrint Print Center, you can view your queued print jobs, printing history, available Printing Quotas and Printing Dollars and more.

From your laptop:

I am a visitor. How can I get printing privileges?

  1. Request a UNI at the Library Information Office.
  2. You may purchase Printing Dollars from the PawPrint Center.

About the Libraries Printers

Printing is available in all Columbia University Libraries except Journalism. Double-sided printing is universally available.

Color printing is available in 304 Butler Library and in Lehman Library, 323 International Affairs (single-sided printing only). You must use PawPrint Color Driver to print to the color printers.

CUIT manages the PawPrint system, which provides options for purchasing printing dollars to use when you exceed your print quota. CUIT provides information about your Print Account and Printing History, as well as information about adding print dollars to your account. Once purchased, Printing Dollars are non-refundable (see the PawPrint FAQ for details).

Locating Printers

The PawPrint FAQ includes detailed information about purchasing printing dollars, reporting printer errors and problems, getting credit for printing errors, how long printing dollars remain in your account, who can print, and where printers are located throughout campus.  

Double-Sided Printing in the Libraries

Double-sided printers are located throughout the libraries.

All public printers in Butler Library can print double-sided pages.

Checking Your Print Quota

Go to the Check Print Quota page.

For Columbia students and faculty with a print quota, printing pages get refilled weekly on Saturday around midnight. There is no rollover from one week to the next.

In the Libraries, Everyone Can Print!