Digital Centers Homepage


The Digital Centers of the Columbia University Libraries provide high-end support for research, teaching and learning in the humanities, sciences and social sciences.

Library staff engage patrons in these technology-rich environments in order to provide expertise and assistance to those who employ advanced computing to accomplish their work.

The highly collaborative spaces within the Digital Centers facilitate group work, and the centers together represent a forward-thinking approach to the services and resources provided by libraries of the future.


The Digital Humanities Center in 305 Butler Library provides extensive services to support researchers in the humanities working with digital texts, still and moving images, and other materials.


The Digital Science Center, located in the Science & Engineering Library in 401 Northwest Corner Building, is equipped with software specifically selected to support science and engineering research and coursework.


The Digital Social Science Center located in Lehman Library provides a wide range of information and technology assistance for students and faculty.


The Digital Music Lab, located in the Music & Arts Library in 701 Dodge enables users to to play, compose, record, scan, notate, edit, program, and analyze digital audio and music scores.