Digital Collections

Homer. Odyssey. Papyrus fragment, Col. inv. 201c1, P. Col. VIII

APIS: Advanced Papyrological Information System
APIS is a component of the larger Papyrological Navigator database, a worldwide aggregation of digital images, metadata, translations and transcriptions of papyri and ostraca (clay tablets).  A listing of Columbia's ca. 5,800 papyri and ostraca can be viewed here

New York Central Railroad Company. Annual Report (1950), front cover

Columbia Historical Corporate Reports: Digitized Reports from Watson Library's Collection
Selected from the collections of Columbia's Watson Library of Business & Economics, this collection presents ca. 770 digitized reports issued between 1850-1960 by some 36 companies, including department stores, utilities, banks, and railroads.

Columbia Library Columns, v.41, no.1 (1991: Nov), front cover

Columbia Library Columns
A digitized collection of the journal published by Columbia University Libraries from 1951 to 1996, comprising over 6,900 pages in 46 volumes (135 issues).

American Women's War Relief Fund. Report of work, August 1914 - August 1915

WWI Pamphlets 1913-1920
A collection of World War I pamphlets from Columbia University Libraries.

Ferriss, Hugh. Eastern Airlines Building, 1939. NYDA.1000.001.00354

Hugh Ferriss Architectural Drawings and Papers Collection
This collection was donated to Avery Library by his family after Ferriss' death, and has been supplemented by several later additions from other sources. All 363 original drawings in the collection have been photographed and digitized.

Tibet Mirror: an online collection of newpaper issues

Tibet Mirror
An online collection of the Tibet Mirror (Tib. Yul phyogs so so'i gsar 'gyur me long), published in Kalimpong, India from 1925 to 1963. Seventy percent of the full run is now available thanks to the generous cooperation of Yale University, Collège de France, and the Musée Guimet.