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CCT Spring 2020

Thanks to a gift from the board of the Columbia University Club Foundation, CCT and the Columbia University Libraries have recently digitized back issues from 1954 to 2016. This donation was made in recognition of the 18 and a half years that Alex Sachare CC 1971 was CCT's editor (1998-2016).

  • How do I look for articles/features?

To find specific CCT articles and features, please search the CCT Index. This Excel spreadsheet includes all CCT content (except for "Class Notes"), from the short news items in "Around the Quads,"  the sports coverage in "Roar, Lion, Roar" and the book excerpts in "Columbia Forum," to the full-length features and cover stories. The index will note the volume, issue, year and page numbers for each article. Once you have noted this information, you can find a link to specific issues in the list below, which is organized by decade. These links will take you directly to the scanned issued as posted on the Internet Archive.

  • How are the issues organized?

The issues are not organized individually but rather are collected by volume number. For example, if you are looking for the Spring 1974 issue, you will need to look for Volume 2 (1974). The Spring issue, or issue number 4 for that volume, starts on page 101. A volume can contain up to six separate issues - all scanned in order.

  • Can I search Class Notes and Bookshelf?

No. Neither "Class Notes" nor "Bookshelf" are indexed. Only the short profiles within "Class Notes" are included in the CCT Index. Similarly, the "Bookshelf" index only includes those authors and books highlighted on their own page; it does not include a list of all books by College alumni and professors as listed in this section in the paper issues. "Class Notes" and "Bookshelf" can be viewed in the scanned issues.

  • What about Obituaries?

The "Obituaries" index is more comprehensive. The list of decedents can be found in the "Obituaries" tab of the CCT Index. It will usually include the name of the deceased, the CC class year and the date of death. If a more comprehensive obituary was pubished, it is included in the "CCT Issues" tab of the index.

  • I need help finding an isssue of CCT.

All issues from November 1954 through and including Summer 2016 have been scanned and are available on the Internet Archive. Below are links to individual issues (organized by decade, with the volume noted as well).  

If you are looking for issues after Summer 2016, please go to the CCT website and click on "Past Issues." You can also find paper copies and access digitized WKCR Radio audio content from the Fall 1986 issue in the University Archives.