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  • Researching Columbia's Portraits
    “Just like modern, Photoshopped portrait photography, historic portraits show us an idealized version of the sitters, but they often convey specific deeper meanings and provide unique glimpses into the past.” - Mateusz Mayer, ‘22GSAS, co-curator of “Hoppner, Beechey, Fisher, Lavery: Researching Columbia’s Portraits”
  • Staff Profile: Polyxeni Georgiadi
    "There is a process that begins the moment when a new book is delivered to the Libraries and ends with its place on the library shelf; careful, detailed cataloging is a crucial part of that process. We are the ones who maintain clarity and order in the library system." - Polyxeni Georgiadi, Bibliographic Assistant
  • Research Collections and Preservation Consortium Expands Scope and Membership
    The Research Collections and Preservation Consortium (ReCAP), founded by Columbia University, The New York Public Library, and Princeton University, shifts from its original role as a shared physical repository to a model for shared collection building as Harvard University joins the partnership
  • Recreating a Lost Yiddish Database
    Tackling a unique preservation challenge, Michelle Chesner and Janet Gertz look back on what it took to digitize the Language and Culture Archive of Ashkenazic Jewry, making accessible hundreds of interviews and addressing the challenges of an endangered linguistic and cultural legacy
  • Staff Profile: Carolyn Bratnober
    “Academic librarianship is the ideal venue for me to blend my love of writing and learning, my passion for interreligious engagement, my commitment to accessibility, and my practice as a researcher.” - Carolyn Bratnober, Public Services Librarian

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